Photography Meetup & Workshops

​​A blog is nice. Getting together is better 🙂 We offer two ways of doing so: through formal workshops with a guide and instructor(s), and through informal get-togethers where no organisation is offered by DS other than the description on this page.


​About ​Meetups

​A member of the community fancies a get together in a given place, at a given date. He tells us (via the contact form) and we publish the information so that other members can get in touch and join in. Meetups are generally free of charge, unless the organiser has gone to some lengths to set up something special and some form of thank you is in order. DS is just offering a pin up service and has no responsibility about what happens during those meetups. Meetups can be announced before all the information is known so as to allow potential participants to taylor the dates, contents ... to their liking, with the approval of the organiser. Below are the next meetups currenlty being discussed.

​Porto (​Spring 2020)

​Japan (Fall 2020)

​Workshops (photo tours)

About ​Workshops

​We occasionally offer workshops that focus on 2 aspects of travel photography: experiencing the local area through food, culture, art ... and skill enhancement though deliberate choice of subject and approach, as well as ​daily debriefings. We can obviously make no guarantees about the creation of masterpieces during what is really a guided photo tour (nor can any one else in the world) but do our very best to present a variety of interesting subjects and help on-site with subjects such as composition. International travel is not included in the program. We organise transport from the nearest airport to the hotel and the daily transport to shooting locations. Meals are also included. We eat local food, so ask you to check for incompatibilities with your allergies and intolerances before booking the tour. Half days off are offered during the tour to let participants either relax or return to a location for more shooting.

Below are the workshops currently being envisioned. They are displayed well in advance to allow for some discussion with potential participants before setting the program in stone. 6 months before the tour's start date, the program is fixed and non-refundable deposits are required. A minimum number of participants is required to go through with the tour. If that minimum number isn't reached 5 months before the starting date, the tour is cancelled and deposits are refunded. It is therefore recommended you book formally (with a deposit) well in advance of the 6-months limit to ensure the tour can happen.

Happy shooting :)​

​Japan (Fall 2020)

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