Photography Gear: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

This section is supposed to be as much fun to read as it is to write. Which doesn’t mean that the content doesn’t reflect the opinions, biases and sense of mischief of the writer. On the contrary. Oh ye of little humour, enter at your peril !

And, no, it is not comprehensive. Fun, remember ?

And yes, it is inspired by the GBU component of the great Car maganzine of yesteryear, and its indomitable leader, LJKS.

1. System cameras, current (Philippe)

  • Micro 4/3
    The Good : small size
    The Bad : small sensor
    The Ugly : when it starts costing as much as larger systems
    Who is it for ? DSLR leavers
    Sum-Up : pocket system


  • Fuji
    The Good : lovely colours, good haptics
    The Bad : questionable AF
    The Ugly : why can’t they get better sensors ?
    Who is it for ? would-be painters
    Sum-Up : the Mazda MX 5 of cameras


  • Sony Alpha (ex NEX)
    The Good : the most compact APS-C system available, + great sensor tech
    The Bad : the most questionable user interface
    The Ugly : is Sony still committed to APS-C ?
    Who is it for ? Weight haters
    Sum-Up. good Q cam. But are you Q ?


  • Sony Alpha 7 II(family)
    The Good : the best sensors in the business, relatively compact, wealth of available lenses
    The Bad : infuriatingly less perfect than its sensors
    The Ugly : serious money, but are they serious cams ?
    Who is it for ? Sony says : everyone. Is that you ?
    Sum-Up : trail-blazing, class-leading, frustrating


  • Leica M
    The Good : fantastic status, rangefinder, compact size, manufacturing quality
    The Bad : fantastic cost, limited to Leica fanboys
    The Ugly : if you had substance, you wouldn’t need to talk about status
    Who is this for ? If you have to ask, it is not for you
    Sum-Up : the Red Dot rules…over other dots. Is your world a dot ?


  • Leica SL
    The Good : supposed to be a dream to use
    The Bad : whenever you see « supposed to be » in « the Good » section
    The Ugly : cost, weight, lens selection
    Who is it for ? strictly insiders only
    Sum-Up : a polarizer that is not a filter


  • Leica T
    The Good : Red Dot, status, manufacturing quality
    The Bad : Sony sensor that cost 5x less 5 years ago
    The Ugly : take your pick
    Who is it for ? [deleted] Sum-Up : senseless is indeed timeless


  • Canon 5DIII
    The Good : solid performer, the Canon system
    The Bad : most of it is years old
    The Ugly : Sony is eating its breakfast
    Who is it for ? Canon lovers love it
    Sum-Up : the Classic Coke of cameras


  • Canon 5DS
    The Good : peerless resolution
    The Bad : just as old as 5DIII
    The Ugly : a resolution graft on an old cam no more makes a new cam than the scalpel makes a woman younger
    Who is it for ? for landscapers and Canon lovers
    Sum-Up : The New Coke of cameras ?


  • Nikon 800/810
    The Good : breakthrough camera when it came out
    The Bad : that was a while ago
    The Ugly : replacement overdue
    Who is it for ? boat anchor lovers
    Sum-Up : still very capable, but an endangered species


  • Pentax 645Z
    The Good : great Sony MF sensor in supersize DSLR
    The Bad : the rest is just a supersize DSLR
    The Ugly : Pentax say they are alive, but…
    Who is it for ? real men do it in MF
    Sum-Up : significant substance, but no status