Our Best Photography Instruction Recommendations

​There is a lot of information on the Internet about photography. Most of it is rubbish. Most of it focuses on unimportant details, forgetting the important whole, or simply doesn't understand the basics, or repeats what others have repeated from others who were themselves repeating ... Some is just biased and wrong. Some is relevant to an unspecified context. Some is commercial. But some sources, online or off, are essential reading and viewing to gain an understanding of the various facets (psychological, technical, historical ...) of what makes a photograph great and how to set about to create some for yourself.

In this page, we try to put together a list of those precious resources that won't waste your time or dilute your abilities. All these resources are suggestions from the readers of the website as well as the editorial team. We have no affiliation to any of them. What you see below is not absolute truth but our best efforts at constituting the ideal photorgraphic instruction library. Have fun reading it and don't hesitate to add a brick!

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