News Release. DearSusan Launches InSight: Guides for travel photographers

News Release: DearSusan Launches InSight: Guides for travel photographers


DearSusan, a website specialising in travel photography has announced today the launch of InSight: Guides, a new range of travel guides geared exclusively towards photographers.

InSight: Guides are essentially aimed at 3 categogies of photographers:

  • the business traveler with a few hours in between planes
  • the expert photographer in need of on-location scouting
  • the tourist ready to move beyond the quick snapshot

Instead of describing all the attractions in an city, they focus on an number (typically 4) of self-contained walks in a specific area, providing maps and detailed text on how to reach the destination, a suggested itinerary, recommended gear and times of day …


A self-guided photo tour map in the Insight: Cape Town ebook by DearSusan Self-guided photo tour text and photographs in the Insight: Cape Town ebook by DearSusan


The first 4 guides being offered are:

And 4 more are planned by the end of Summer 2014.


Guide quality and pricing

To ensure accuracy, all InSight: Guides have been walked, researched and compiled by the authors.
InSight: Guides are sold as PDF documents, suitable for use on most computers, but are aimed specifically at the iPad and similar tablet devices.

Guides are sold through the Dear Susan Web site and cost $7.99 each (

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Guide authors are:
Pascal Jappy, founder of DearSusan, content marketing expert and travel photographer for the past 30 years.
Paul Perton, professional photographer, founder of Peripheral Operators and long-time contributor to DearSusan.

Having realised over the years how much work is involved in adequately a field trip for a photographer, how little help is to be found in traditional travel guides and how bad an influence the photographs of others can be on creativity and personal vision, Paul and Pascal set out to create this range of guides specifically to lay the groundwork without imposing on the reader’s photography.


About DearSusan
DearSusan ( is a collabrative website specialising in travel photography named after essayist Susan Sontag, who criticized the role of photography as “collecting” of world, mainly by travelers or tourists, as if to conform to social conventions rather than explore individual creativity.

Articles on DearSusan report on locations accross the world, propose interviews of masters of the craft to help readers develope their vision and review the best suited gear for travel photography.

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