Mastering the Art of Lens Testing – Signup

If you’re unsatisfied with your current lenses, if you find that online reviews are biased or unhelpful, or if you just want to have fun learning how to test for yourself, you’ve come to the right place 🙂

Learning to test lenses for yourself is a fun way of ensuring you don’t end up with gear that doesn’t satisfy your needs and possibly bankrupt yourself permanently in search of new toys. Instead it makes sure you enjoy yourself making great pictures with lenses that correspond to your style and aesthetic preferences.




In this tutorial, you are guided through eight steps to test for the most common aberrations found in lenses (vignetting, chromatic aberration, astigmatism, field curvature, focus shift …) and how to correct them in post processing.

The focus (pun intended 😉 ) is on doing this quickly. You may be in a shop or exhibition, or using a friend’s lens, a loaner, a rental lens …

The photograph above is from a review I wrote about the lovely Zeiss Loxia 21 lens. I borrowed it from Zeiss at a recent show and had 20 minutes with it. The review made it to many other blogs and website and forum superhero Fred Miranda has this to say about it:

In the right hands, 20 minutes is more than enough and this is likely the best review we’ll see of this lens.

This, not to brag, but to show you really don’t need that much time to get to know a lens well.




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