Insight: Tokyo Photo Walk eBook. Capture the unbelievable metropolis.

8 Self-Guided Tokyo Photo Walks


DearSusan InSight: Tokyo - self guided walks


Visiting the world’s greatest metropolis?


Take in the neon wonderland of Shinjuku, the night life of the salarymen and Tokyo’s most extraordinary places, temples, markets, izakaya. Plus much more. Can’t wait for the cherry blossom period? Don’t worry, there are so many other subjects to photograph.


Whether you’re a business traveller with an afternoon to spare or a family on vacation, make sure you don’t waste a second – head straight to the most photogenic parts of town.


Unlike conventional travel guides, DearSusan InSight: eBooks are written by photographers who understand the needs and desires of other photographers.


Richly illustrated and packed with information on best time of day, orientation and gear suggestions, this eBook is your key to amazing shares, prints and albums.
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Written and illustrated by Paul Perton, our resident professional photographer and Cape Town resident, Insight: Tokyo is a superb self-guided dive into of one of the world’s most exotic and photogenic cities.


Tokyo – nothing does this city justice; Google, Wikipedia, guide books, nada. It is huge, populous and busy. In fact, large parts of the city never seem to sleep at all.


These walks will take you beyond tourism, into the historic heart of the city where millennia of history can be seen cheek by jowl with the recent history of the 21st century. Each walk will easily fit into a morning or afternoon – follow the routes we describe, or start with one and then strike out on your own – the city is full of pictures.


What’s inside ?


Along with introductory text, each walk comes with directions in the form of a street guide as well as walk suggestions.

Tokyo-map-page-1  Tokyo-temple-3 tokyo-pahe-2 

InSight: Tokyo details eight different areas, ideas and specific must-sees to ensure your photos cover a broad range of subject matter :

  • Shinjuku
  • Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden and Yoyogi
  • Shibuya
  • Ueno
  • Ginza and the Imperial Palace
  • Jimbocho
  • Akihabara
  • Asakusa

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Don’t waste another second: get ready for the photographic adventure of a lifetime in the 8 sectors lovingly selected for you by Paul.


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