Insight: Istanbul Photo Walk eBook. A Shoot Through Centuries.

4 Self-Guided Photo Walks Through Istanbul


Cover the the DearSusan Insight: Istanbul self-guided photo tour


Visiting Constantinople?

As a photographic destination, Istanbul ranks right up there with the planet’s best.

But unlike many of the more obvious visual pearls that delight with instant beauty (white sand, green sea, blue sky), this is a city that reveals its inner life slowly, and rewards the patient and inquisitive photographer with much more than pretty photographs.

Whether you’re a business traveler with an afternoon to spare or a family on vacation, make sure you do not waste a second of your time and head straight to the most interesting parts of town.

This ebook highlights the most photogenic tourist attractions and panoramas but also takes you beyond the postcard into the ancient Ottoman neighborhoods, the charming village life that can be found so close to the city center and the lesser known jewels of this travel photographer’s dream come true.

Unlike conventional travel guides, DearSusan InSight: eBooks are written by photographers who understand the needs and desires of photographers.

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Written by Pascal Jappy, a passionate travel photographer for over 30 years, Insight: Istanbul takes you straight to the most photogenic parts of this immense city.

With a history spanning almost 3 millenia and over 14 million inhabitants, Istanbul is both fascinating and a little overwhelming.

The 3 self-guided walks, cruise information and vantage points in this ebook will point you to the most appealing toursist spots as well as beyond, to where the real Istanbul is being lived. Each walk will easily fit into a morning or afternoon.

What’s inside ?

Along with introductory text, each walk comes with complete directions in the form of a clear street map as well as step-by-step directions so that you can make the most of every second on location.

A self-guided photo tour map in the Insight: Cape Town ebook by DearSusan Istanbul's Bosphorus from the Bosphorus bridge (c) Pascal Jappy. Self-guided photo tour text and photographs in the Insight: Cape Town ebook by DearSusan

Pascal has selected different areas of the city to ensure your photos cover a broad range of subject matter and activities :

  • The most spectacular and intimate religious architecture.
  • The old neighbourhoods that reveal themselves only to the curious visitor.
  • The most beautiful spots on the Golden Horn and Bosphorus.
  • The best vantage spots to capture skylines and panoramas.
  • The intense commercial activity that spreads far beyond the bazaars.
  • Scrumptious food.


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Don’t waste another second in unproductive photographic alleyways – head straight to the multiple hearts of Byzantium, Constantinople and Istanbul. All the pictures below are samples of what the guide will lead you to.

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