Insight: Copenhagen Photo Walk eBook. From fairytales castles to modern architecture.

4 Self-Guided Copenhagen Photo Walks


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Heading for the Little Mermaid? Discover the unexpected.

Home to the Little Mermaid, numerous castles and queen’s guards parades, Copenhagen is also one of the world’s most sparkling diamonds when modern architecture is concerned.

For the keen photographer, this city has it all: abundant waterways, traditional boats, royal palaces, astounding recent developments and more galleries that you will ever have time to visit. Plus superb restaurants and nightlife.

So forget the theme parks and head straight into the travel photography experience of a life time.

Unlike conventional travel guides, DearSusan InSight: eBooks are written by photographers who understand the needs and desires of photographers.

Richly illustrated and packed with information on best time of day, orientation and gear suggestions, this eBook is your key to amazing shares, prints and albums.
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UK-born and Cape-Town resident Paul Perton is a professional photographer with a predilection for Northern European destinations and has repeatedly visited Denmark, England, Scotland, Greenland and Iceland. His Insight: Copenhagen is a distillation of his travel photography experience in this temple of design and architecture.

Originally a 10th century Viking settlement, Copenhagen developed into a major capital in the 17th century. And numerous architectural wonders of this period dot the city today. After majors disasters such as fires and bombings, redevelopment gave the city its widespread neoclassical look. And for the past 20 years, Copenhagen’s colossal wealth has largely contributed to an architectural boom of unparalleled creativity.

The 4 walks in this ebook take you beyond the tourist hot-spots, straight to the districts where this style layering is most obvious and photogenic. Every walk but one will easily fit into a morning or afternoon – follow the routes we describe, or start with one and then strike out on your own – the city is full of pictures.

What’s inside ?

Along with introductory text, each walk comes with complete directions in the form of a clear street map as well as step-by-step directions.

Sample map of a self-guided walk in DearSusan's InSight: Copenhagen ebook Flashy-buildings sample text and images in DearSusan's InSight: Copenhagen ebook

Paul has selected 4 different areas to ensure your photos cover a broad range of subject matter :

  • A lengthy walk from west to east (and back) of central Copenhagen.
  • A walk through some of Copenhagen’s older streets and nearby suburbs.
  • A discovery of the city of the future and architectural dream in the making.
  • A Walk to the west to experience Copenhagen’s own style and living.

Here’s a small sample of the photo opportunities Copenhagen has to offer:

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Don’t waste another second in unproductive photographic alleyways – head straight to the Copenhagen that will fill your albums with awe.