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3 Self-Guided Cape Town Photo Walks


Cover the the DearSusan Insight:Cape Town self-guided photo tour


Visiting the Mother City?

Fly home with fascinating photographs of the city, people and urban style that other travel guides miss.

Whether you’re a business traveler with an afternoon to spare or a family on vacation, make sure you don’t waste a second – head straight to the most photogenic parts of town.

Unlike conventional travel guides, DearSusan InSight: eBooks are written by photographers who understand the needs and desires of photographers.

Richly illustrated and packed with information on best time of day, orientation and gear suggestions, this eBook is your key to amazing shares, prints and albums.
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Written and illustrated by Paul Perton, professional photographer and Cape resident, Insight: Cape Town is a no nonsense self-guided photo tour guide of one of the world’s most picturesque cities.

Cape Town – originally settled by the voyagers and traders of the 17th century, safe haven from the storms of the South Atlantic and icon on the world’s maps – is unique and dominated from almost every aspect by Table Mountain.

These three walks will take you beyond tourism, into the historic heart of the city where several hundred years of history can be seen cheek by jowl with the recent history of the Rainbow Nation. Each walk will easily fit into a morning or afternoon – follow the routes we describe, or start with one and then strike out on your own – the city is full of pictures.

What’s inside ?

Along with introductory text, each walk comes with complete directions in the form of a clear street map as well as step-by-step directions.

With Table Mountain visible everywhere, it’s hard get lost.

A self-guided photo tour map in the Insight:Cape Town ebook by DearSusan The colourful walls of Cape Town. A treat for any photographer. (c) Paul Perton. Self-guided photo tour text and photographs in the Insight:Cape Town ebook by DearSusan

Paul has specially selected 3 different areas to ensure your photos cover a broad range of subject matter :

  • The old and elegant City Bowl streets. Get ready for cafés, restaurants, gardens and a big street market.
  • An ancient suburb of wealthy traders, a maze of tiny tree-lined streets of elegant terraced homes.
  • The suburb and homes originally belonging to the city’s slave community, now historic area and a vibrant memorial to the human spirit.

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Don’t waste another second in unproductive photographic alleyways – head straight to the Cape Town few visitors see and capture.