Insight: Amsterdam Photo Walk eBook. Canals and barges, yes. But so much more …

4 Self-Guided Amsterdam Photo Walks
(for the brave)


DearSusan InSight: Amsterfam - self guided walks

The world’s best short stay for togs ?

Whether you land in nearby Schipol or arrive by train at Amsterdam Centraal, you’ll soon be in the very heart of  one of the most beautiful, easiest to navigate and most varied capitals we’ve heard of.

Come for the canals, stay for the zillion other photographic opportunities. Where else can you, in a single day, take in so many different subjects and so many styles ?

Fantastic for the architecture-minded photographer, Amsterdam also provides endless street opportunities, moody light, 24/7 life and alround beauty.

Richly illustrated and packed with information, orientation and gear suggestions, this eBook is your key to amazing photographic memories, prints and albums.

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Written and illustrated by Pascal Jappy, husband of a tall Dutch karate black-belt woman and son in law of a 6″3 Dutch sailor, Insight: Amsterdam reflects his love for this unique city and the fear of being beaten to a pulp if the guide misrepresents it ! When you buy it, please comment positively on it for his sake 😉

More seriously, here are 4 walks – no make that 8, because each is killer long and packed with content – that have been layed out to capture a great variety of subjects (old, modern, rich, poor, famous, secret …) and lighting conditions (night, day, in the sun, backlit, from down low and up the top of this flat world). Make no mistake, Amsterdam will drain your legs, cards and batteries. It is so endlessly beatiful on camera that you will never want to stop walking.

And, because Pascal is know as a stomach on legs, his guide also takes you to the world’s best apple tart cafe, an exquisite treat after a long walk with your gear.


What’s inside ?

Along with introductory text, each walk comes with directions in the form of a street guide as well as walk suggestions.

Amsterdam-map Am3 Amsterdam-page

InSight: Amsterdam details four different areas, ideas and specific must-sees to ensure your photos cover a broad range of subject matter. Each walk comes with optional add-ons to be photographed under specific lighting or to extend the walks to day-long adventures. It takes you to :

  • The historic center of grachtengordel, providing a selection of the most photographic areas and back alleys
  • The ambitious and daring developments of the Norther parts of the city. Artificial islands, modern architecture, water everywhere
  • A selection of tourist traps with huge photographic potential and the nearby places no-one visits
  • A selection of areas for colourful nigh-time photography

So, enjoy beautiful Amsterdam, be creative and have fun !

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