#DScreative Central – The Simple Rules and Best Pictures

Brainchild of DS star contributor Philippe, #DScreative is all about training your photographic creativity by leaving your confort zone and giving your best shot to something you don’t usually go for !

Inspired by the recent Ice Bucket challenge principle of spontaneous nominations, it supports only one charitable idea : you, getting better at your hobby or craft.


The rules are simple:

  1. Post your picture on our Facebook page
  2. Nominate someone (private email and/or FB comment) and set them a new photo challenge.

To make this work, the challenge should be well thought out.

It’s not about making life difficult for someone. It’s about thinking of a topic or shooting style you’de love to see the person use just because it’s interesting or fun! So the challenge is as much yours as your nominee’s. Think it over 😉


Every week, the photographs with the greates combined number of likes / shares / comments will be published on this page. We’ll also share the ones that appeal to us most, so don’t worry if you don’t have 3000 friends.

Smallprint: Do not take part if you are not OK with us sharing your photograph here. If you wish to, you can provide a link in the comment box on Facebook and we will make sure the photo shared in this page will use that link (only non-commercial links will be accepted).


The photographs !



A marco photo without a marco lens ! (photo of a poster) – Pascal Jappy