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Self-Guided Photo Walks Through the World’s Most Picturesque Cities


DearSusan InSight: Cape Town takes you through 3 colourful photo walks through the Mother City

InSight: Cape Town

Capture the morning light on a multicolored suburb, the elegant glory of City Bowl and a tree-lined maze of ancient merchant streets. Discover 3 walks will take you beyond tourism, into the historic heart of the city where several hundred years of history can be seen cheek by jowl with the recent history of the Rainbow Nation.

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DearSusan InSight: Copenhagen takes you through 4 colourful photo walks through the architectural layers of Denmark's capital

InSight: Copenhagen

From Viking village to World capital of design, Copenhagen has been through multiple waves of development and destruction. Ebook in hand, you will walk the city from East to West and back, then hop to an island to photograph the stunning architecture of these various periods, up to the glorious past 20 years.

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InSight: Istanbul, a photo travel guide through centuries or religious art and commerce

InSight: Istanbul

Extensive waterways, incredible light, multi-cultural neighbourhoods and unparalleled religious architecture, Istanbul has it all for the travel photographer. Follow the 4 suggested itineraries in this guide to discover and photograph vantage points, atmospheric vistas, preserved village life and much more.

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InSight: London

London calling, and you can’t resist. We couldn’t either and the resulting ebooks takes you far beyond the tourist hot-spots. You will love the laid-back canal-side life, colourful alleys, exotic market places and so much more that makes London and endless source of inspiration for photographers.

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Singapore café

InSight: Singapore

Asia’s (almost) overlooked capital. Where else in the world could you take in so many religions, swoop from a world-class shopping mall to a secret temple, hop to a green beach then a enjoy a perfect curry in an Indian neighbourhood.

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Tokyo buildings

InSight: Tokyo

Exotic Metropolis and photographer heaven. Where kind, polite people meet millenia of tradition and ultra modern architecture, there’s something interesting to photograph at every street corner.

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