Without a frame, there is no painting, there is no photography. Without composition, what you allow into that frame is just a random collection of visual stimuli that do not contribute to any form of meaning or emotion. Composition is the key to the eyes through visual strength, to the heart through emotion and to the mind through meaning. Ignore composition at your own risk.

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What Makes a Photographic Print Valuable ?

A lost da Vinci painting resurfaces and is sold at auction for half a billion euros. You put your heart and soul and printing expertise into a print and no one seems to want to pay ten bucks for it. Art valuation can seem highly subjective and auction prices can fluctuate wildly from time to time. But there are implicit rules that every market obeys and factors that can be used to understand the prices you see in galleries, or to make your own prints more desirable to potential buyers. In this course, we examine 7 then tie them into a pricing formula.

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