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Feb 22

#561. The Adobe tithe

By Paul Perton | Opinion , Uncategorized

If memory serves, Adobe’s products have been sold in the UK and Europe at pretty much the same number as in the US, but with the currency symbol simply changed as appropriate. So, $49.99 became £49.99 and so on.   Those on the receiving end of this handy profit generator have complained for years, getting […]

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Canola near Philadelphia
Aug 26

#507. Canola capers

By Paul Perton | Travel Photography , Uncategorized

  Behind the scenes at DearSusan, the work goes on tirelessly. The e-mails buzz back and forth, occasionally delivering a co-operative effort worthy of publication. This is one such. It sped across the Interwebs between myself in Cape Town, Bob Harrison in Glasgow, Pascal in Provence and Philippe, who I guess was in Paris, where […]

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