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Mar 02

#141. Lapland in monochrome

By pascaljappy | Travel Photography

Sol does play some wicked tricks. Everyone of His 12 year-long heartbeats sends waves of dread and excitement to us camera-toting earthlings. Excitement and anticipation of the auroral displays that accompany the periodic peaks in solar cycles. Dread and fear of clouds and other potential hinderances. This winter, at the peak of Sun cycle 24, […]

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Mar 01

#140. Lofoten Shtunk?

By philberphoto | Travel Photography

What’s not to love with the Lofoten? Well, to begin with, the weather. Especially in February, when the key question is: what’s is going to be worse, the cold, the storm or the snowfall? Or all three? It seems like the Lofoten are the world’s centre of storm-suit usage. In the immortal words of Charlie […]

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Jun 17

#1. Giudecca, Venezia

By pascaljappy | Travel Photography

An oblique view of the Giudecca water front taken from the vaporetto on our way to visiting the 3 palladian churches of the area. The overcast day made the ochre colours stronger. A long lens was used to compress the perspective and highlight verticals, inspired by Viera da Silva paintings. Slightly under-exposed to give the […]

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