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Feb 26

#1349. Diversity in GAS

By pascaljappy | Opinion , Review

This weekend, I was fortunate enough to try 4 cameras   Here’s another brief post from me as I return from a quick visit to the UK to see friends and family. My X1D stayed at home to keep luggage light, but my old phone was always in my pocket. See pics above and below. […]

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Jan 12

#1337. United Colours of X1D

By pascaljappy | Opinion , Review

Since my recent love letter to Hasselblad consisted mainly of b&w photographs, a few readers rightly contested my praise of the X1D’s colour science 😉 This post is here to explain what it is I like about those colours, and contains (almost) only colour photographs to back up my words. The concept …   Please […]

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Sep 28

#1232. I tested Vero

By pascaljappy | Review

So you don’t have to 😉 – Maybe you should, though!   In a recent roundup of news, I linked to a Peter McKinnon video detailing 10 reasons to try out the social platform Vero. It seems to provide an alternative to Instagram that isn’t chasing TikTok’s debilitating features, offers more possibilities for sharing and […]

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