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Sep 28

#1232. I tested Vero

By pascaljappy | Review

So you don’t have to 😉 – Maybe you should, though!   In a recent roundup of news, I linked to a Peter McKinnon video detailing 10 reasons to try out the social platform Vero. It seems to provide an alternative to Instagram that isn’t chasing TikTok’s debilitating features, offers more possibilities for sharing and […]

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Sep 07

#1227. My thoughts on the Hasselblad X2D

By pascaljappy | Review

Is it a dream come true, or just another boring camera in a string of boring quantitatively-designed cameras in a suuuuper boring quantitative-driven market?   This, above, is how a camera should be judged. Can it help a photographer produce good images? Images that the author feels proud of. All the rest, at least for […]

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Jul 28

#1218. Pixii Monochrome

By pascaljappy | News , Review

With this latest release, Pixii asks what makes a great monochrome camera. Here’s their answer. As promised in my last article about the Pixii camera, I am keeping you updated with news from the Team at Pixii. Since I’m doing some work for Pixii, this post focuses mainly on information, explanations, and sample images. Where […]

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