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Aug 23

#760. Nikon Z6 & Z7 : Criticism and praise!

By philberphoto | News

The full release includes: the Z6, essentially a mirrorless D750 and A7 III competitor, the Z7, essentially a mirroless D850 and A7RIII competitor.   For comparisons between the two models, check out this link: My analysis : In a nutshell, this is a very-low-risk strategy, as it makes full use of existing Nikon building […]

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Jun 26

#742. A great South African has died

By Paul Perton | News

  David Goldblatt left us yesterday. The scorch marks he leaves on South Africa’s photography, our society, history, our politicians, politics as a whole and the entire mining industry will be visible for decades to come.   I first encountered David’s work in the late 1970s, when I bought two groundbreaking books of his black […]

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Apr 01

#707. Rebooting DS

By pascaljappy | News

A long time coming, night terrors, sweaty palms, constant fear. But it’s been worth it. I hope. Those of you who are faithful readers will know that DearSusan is a collaborative blog and that 10 of us take turns at writing fresh articles about topics that are dear to us individually. And that, lately, I […]

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Feb 03

#555. A Force for Positive Change

By pascaljappy | News

This is one of those posts where we look back at what a long and crazy road it’s been since post #1 and pat ourselves on the back reliving memories of millions of views, distant trips, exotic reviews and great comments. Or is it ? #555. We tried to find a special significance for this […]

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Dec 25

#541. Merry Christmas to all

By pascaljappy | News

Dear readers, just a quick message from me today to wish you all a very Happy Christmas. I hope Santa filled your stockings with your dream gear. Me? Let’s just say that PC vs Mac debate (for my new laptop) I mentioned recently has come to an end. I’ll soon be writing about the experience. […]

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