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Oct 05

#1234. Seeking Growth in New Directions

By pascaljappy | Opinion

If numerology has any intuitive value, surely #1234 has to be about growth, right? 😉   3-4 years ago, I purchased my X1D, thinking it would be the camera to end all camera-hunting. Yeah, right. How deluded can you be? 😆 😆 😆 There’s good news about this subject. And there’s bad news.   The […]

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Sep 13

#1229. The futility of re-creation

By pascaljappy | Opinion

A beloved lost photograph and the opportunity to shoot it again, along with my attempts to emulate film in digital.   Above is one of my favourite personal photographs. Ironic, really, as landscape photography usually does very little for me. That photo – the source file – was lost to one of my many backup […]

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Jul 02

#1216. Celebrating photography!

By philberphoto | Opinion

All of us are photographers. Which means that we look at our craft “from within”. I find it a rich exercise to sometimes take a step back and look at it “from the outside”.   One of the values of this is to reconnect with how much photography has to give/offer, and to avoid taking […]

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Jun 07

#1207. Pooling my thoughts on climate change

By pascaljappy | Opinion

June 4th. 41°C, 106°F on the thermometer, in the South of France. Certainly the hottest weather I remember ever experiencing here, this early in the year. Thankfully, we have a pool. Shadow selfie by the pool   Gentle ripples of pure white sunlight diffract in shifting diamond outlines against the pale blue background of 7 […]

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May 19

#1202. Sur la Plage

By Nancee Rostad | Opinion

When an empty beach, a retreating tide and a brand new iPhone jumpstart a photographic reboot.   In early April I was finally able to get to my favorite beach town in southern Oregon. Eager to try out my new iPhone 13 Pro, the first morning found me making the short journey to a stretch […]

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May 17

#1201. 5 reasons to try film photography

By pascaljappy | How-To , Opinion

“Look who’s talking”, you’ll say. But please let me make my case, it’s worth it 😉 Digital photography has freed us of so many constraints and increased our shooting envelope so much that hundreds of brilliant young photographers have embraced it and created work that simply wouldn’t have been feasible before. And even in the […]

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