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Apr 04

#987. Anatomy of a Mugging

By Paul Perton | Opinion , Uncategorized

Paul Watson is a Cape Town-based photographer. He travels a lot (not as much now as he used to – Ed) and has had more than his fair share of experiences. He shares some sage words with DearSusan readers… ****************************************************************************  As an avid street photographer and adventurer, I have walked many miles in many cities […]

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Mar 30

#985. “We’ll fix it in post.”

By Paul Perton | Opinion

Software for photographers continues to evolve, we’re told. Yet, the current releases of the mainstream apps stubbornly refuse to get better at doing the critical things, in much the same way camera manufacturers still don’t ship their products with on-board GPS, despite the marketplace endlessly asking to be able to automate this otherwise important, yet […]

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