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Aug 30

#1034. Next Generation of Digital Photography: What Will It Take to Get There?

By Frank Field | Opinion

In DearSusan #1032, Pascal provided a thought-provoking opinion piece on the future of photography (flavored with some wonderful images in DS’s fine tradition). In this opinion article, I’d like to provide a few observations about the nature of innovation in general and draw on my own professional experiences in data communications networks specifically for parallels […]

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Aug 24

#1033. Renaissance rebutted!

By philberphoto | Opinion

Pascal’s impassioned prediction that there will soon be a camera-gear Renaissance is illuminated by his superlative images like a painfully hand-copied and hand-decorated book of the Middle Ages. He announces with the eloquence of a prophet that the present slump that is killing off the industry will not last. One reason alone is enough to […]

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