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Jan 04

#1077. Large Format Look Supplement

By Paul Barclay | How-To

This article is inspired by Pascal’s article regarding the large format look. It is also partially because I am not satisfied with my comments to Pascal’s article. Large format has a “look”, and as I mentioned in my comment, I am not sure that I really remember what that look is. So, I opened my […]

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Dec 05

#1068. Hornet at rest

By Leonard Norwitz | How-To

Following distinguished service for all of one year during WWII, not least as the base for Lt Colonel James Dolittle’s desperate raid on Tokyo four months after the attack on Pearl Harbor that gave the U.S. a needed moral boost, the aircraft carrier USS Hornet was sunk during the Guadalcanal campaign.   It remained on […]

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Oct 21

#1051. Grabbing, Surfing, Forcing Photography

By pascaljappy | How-To

Do you ever experience a clash of opposing feelings when photographing at your favourite locations? A tension stemming from the pressure to create rather than simply go with the flow? Picture yourself roaming freely in your ideal location. Alone in a Japanese temple on a misty day. Rock-crawling through a deciduous forest in France. Scaling […]

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Sep 24

#1043. To Bokeh or not to Bokeh

By pascaljappy | How-To

If you can tolerate the use of the noun Bokeh as a verb, this title does hint at what’s at the back of my mind 😉 Throwing a part of a scene into delicious cappuccino blur can produce visually stunning results. It’s also brought in me about a certain intolerance to those results. As if […]

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