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Apr 03

#1188. Whisk Away

By Ian Varkevisser | Art & Creativity , How-To

You might be forgiven for thinking this is going to be a blog about cooking but it does contain a list of ingredients and instructions. Surgeon General’s Warning : Contains a high dose of technical ingredients and artistic post processing. For the technophobes feel free to skip the blurb and jump to the pretty pictures […]

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Mar 29

#1184. Distance in Photography

By Lad Sessions | How-To

Pascal’s recent thoughts on 3D (#1181 on 3D and pop) are a tough act to follow! As announced, here is a second instalment with a slight change of subject—or at least of approach. In this post I’ll write in my own allegedly “academic” way, seeking to separate out and analyze a few factors, and hope […]

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Feb 11

#1170. Photographing roots

By Lad Sessions | How-To

Roots. The word has so many fundamental connotations: ground, foundation, basis, cause, origin, source. Roots are plants’ way of being grounded in space, at a place, but all life is rooted in time, through its ancestors. So roots run deep, and they touch us deeply.   Every living thing has roots, its temporal roots. All […]

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