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Mar 15

#1351. Grow with the Flow (2/2)

By pascaljappy | How-To

Part I focused on what flow is, according to science, and why you would want to incorporate it into your life. This second part provides pointers on how to induce flow in your life and your photography.   Whether flow will make you a better photographer depends on how you define better. It will allow […]

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Feb 14

#1347. Grow with the flow (1/2)

By pascaljappy | How-To

Putting to rest the mystical, getting into the neuroscience of flow, and how to use it in our photography.   Ironically, the very idea of flow creates a lot of resistance. Either because it is felt by some to be a mushy concept used by faux-gurus, or because of the impression that it requires some […]

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Dec 31

#1332. Streetopia and Portra 400

By Ian Varkevisser | How-To

Today we test out an E-Film called Portra 400, created for Fujifilm by Ivan Yolo, on the street. According to the manufacturer KODAK PROFESSIONAL PORTRA 400 is the world’s finest grain high-speed color negative film. At true ISO 400 speed, this film delivers spectacular skin tones plus exceptional color saturation over a wide range of […]

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Dec 13


By Ian Varkevisser | Art & Creativity , How-To

Born in Ikeda, Osaka in 1938 Hiromichi Moriyama lived his early years in troubled and unsettled times. His family moved frequently owing to his father’s work. Whenever he moved he wandered the streets exploring his surroundings. He grew up in the darkness of post war Japan. Known most famously for his image Stray Dog. He […]

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Nov 01

#1320. More thoughts on system building

By pascaljappy | How-To

How to choose lenses, cameras and accessories should be your decision, not the market’s.   Judging by the comments and email my last post elicited, I can’t have done a great job of explaining my subtractive approach to system building 😉 But first, let’s draw a line between collectors and photographers. Both represent valid hobbies, […]

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