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Jul 27

#1299. Wash My Troubles Away

By Nancee Rostad | How-To

  On reflection, I’ve realized that nearly all of my most successful photography has been the result of serendipity. No planning or preparing for a trip to a faraway place in order to capture a particular iconic image. If a trip has been planned, and even if I expect to photograph one or another subject, […]

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Jul 17

#1298. Beyond Macro, Micro!

By Pascal Ravach | How-To

I studied Sciences in my youth, and kept my curiosity intact since then, so once launched in the so-called “adult life” I became found of Olympus for their extraordinary gear for macro-photography, purchased all their best optics, flashes, bellows… you name it; and even ended up purchasing a microscope, a binocular and an optic fibre […]

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Apr 18

#1280. Fake it until you film it.

By pascaljappy | How-To

Lying myself out of a medium-format film-camera obsession 😉 Sometimes, sharpness and transparency are too much of a good thing, with modern digital cameras. Sometimes, the soul craves a little snap, crackle and pop from the turntable, a little halation on Ingrid Bergman’s distressed face (“Oh, Dev!”) in a movie, and slightly gentler manners from […]

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Mar 02

#1269. Photo critique: Golden Bentley

By pascaljappy | How-To

Introducing a new type of post. Here is a photograph, with my explanations about it. Please tell me what you think. What you like, don’t like, would change … The selected photograph doesn’t have to be a particularly great one. It only needs to be intentional, so comments can establish whether the original intention shows […]

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A high contrast black and white photograph of a sunlit dock.
Feb 02

#1265. A few thoughts on contrast

By pascaljappy | How-To

Much of what we do in photography to create a visual style comes down to contrast management. Yet we rarely give it the prominence it deserves in our thought process.   Contrast needs to be defined between two areas. The contrast between two pixels refers to their difference in luminance or in colour. The term […]

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Jan 30

#1264. Time it like Bresson (Henri Cartier)

By pascaljappy | How-To

Can Henri Cartier-Bresson’s signature be reduced to the decisive moment he made famous? His photographs, his quotes and his modus operandi all scream a resounding NO! 🙂   You say Henri-Cartier Bresson, you hear decisive moment. An ability to click at the right moment, at the height of the emotional potential of a scene. Many […]

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