Jul 27

#1299. Wash My Troubles Away

By Nancee Rostad | How-To

  On reflection, I’ve realized that nearly all of my most successful photography has been the result of serendipity. No planning or preparing for a trip to a faraway place in order to capture a particular iconic image. If a trip has been planned, and even if I expect to photograph one or another subject, […]

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Jul 17

#1298. Beyond Macro, Micro!

By Pascal Ravach | How-To

I studied Sciences in my youth, and kept my curiosity intact since then, so once launched in the so-called “adult life” I became found of Olympus for their extraordinary gear for macro-photography, purchased all their best optics, flashes, bellows… you name it; and even ended up purchasing a microscope, a binocular and an optic fibre […]

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