Nov 26

#1154. The return of minuscule pleasures

By philberphoto | Opinion

It’s true, you know, what they say : The smaller the size, the greater the pleasure!   Those of you familiar with DearSusan will have read my review of the Laowa 100mm f:2.8 super macro, a.k.a. Jonathan. From that perspective, this post brings nothing new, so readers seeking technical insights can skip right along. But, […]

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Oct 18

#1148. 2024 Get together in Texas ?

By pascaljappy | News

A total solar eclipse is a sight you never forget. Along with good mirages and auroras, it is one of the visual wonders of the natural world well worth crossing oceans for. The next “convenient” one will sweep through Mexico, Texas and upwards towards the North East of the United States. If health, economics, medieval […]

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