Aug 13

#1222. Week Links of Photography (13 Aug 2022)

By pascaljappy | Newsletter

Competitions aplenty, how to (really) become an expert, Lightroom’s hidden midtone slider, the liberating uses of auto-ISO, tips for printing better, a very worthwhile alternative to Instagram, alternatives to mirrorless digital cameras, and much more (including a call for help with my own printing).   To print, or not to print? That really is the […]

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Jul 28

#1218. Pixii Monochrome

By pascaljappy | News , Review

With this latest release, Pixii asks what makes a great monochrome camera. Here’s their answer. As promised in my last article about the Pixii camera, I am keeping you updated with news from the Team at Pixii. Since I’m doing some work for Pixii, this post focuses mainly on information, explanations, and sample images. Where […]

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Jul 02

#1216. Celebrating photography!

By philberphoto | Opinion

All of us are photographers. Which means that we look at our craft “from within”. I find it a rich exercise to sometimes take a step back and look at it “from the outside”.   One of the values of this is to reconnect with how much photography has to give/offer, and to avoid taking […]

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Jun 30

#1215. Living in Lexington

By Lad Sessions | Travel Photography

Pascal once suggested that each Dear Susan contributor might offer a post about their local habitat—whether neighborhood, home town, city or countryside. So here’s my portrait of Lexington, Virginia, a small town nestled in the great western Valley of Virginia. (It’s not technically part of the Shenandoah Valley, which lies to the north, but locals […]

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Jun 25

#1213. Week Links of Photography (25 Jun 2022)

By pascaljappy | News

Cine lens on Leica M3, new film stock from Santa, creative photo competition winners, multiple videos about truth, and how to convey it in photographs, the ISS in front of the moon, Hasseblad ketchup, a 200mp cellphone in the making, La Gacilly, clarity vs texture, DIY digital camera, DIY film camera, the definitive recipe for […]

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