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Apr 29

#851. Monday Post (29 April 2019) – Am I missing something?

By Paul Perton | Monday Post

  Two days running I’ve received pre-release announcements from software companies making post processing applications for photographers.   The first came yesterday, with On1’s blare about its upcoming 2019.5 release and this morning, I found an e-mail from Skylum, trumpeting its latest Luminar AI-based wonder.   On1’s Photo RAW has progressed from its early, under-powered, […]

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Mar 30

#838. Leaving home. Coming home.

By Paul Perton | Opinion

Of necessity, this is a long post – lots of words, that is. You have my apologies up front and can do a TL:DR and scroll down to the photographic content should you want.   I’m pretty much off topic here, but hope you’ll bear with me – there are lots of photographs to see. […]

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Mar 13

#831. Wabi Sabi in action

By Paul Perton | Interview

I met Nancee Rostad at a photography workshop in Page, AZ some years ago. I really enjoyed her abstract, colourful work and have one of her prints at home. We became photobuddies and keep in (ir)regular touch as our lives continue on two different continents. Nancee lives near Seattle and in recently visiting Japan, discovered […]

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Feb 22

#823. We’re going nowhere

By Paul Perton | Opinion

The two seem to go hand in hand; a hobby (or profession) and reading about it on the Web. For me, steam trains and the many railway preservation blogs are a significant part of my daily/weekly read. I don’t live near a preservation railway and the regular posts are a way of keeping up-to-date and […]

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Jan 03

#805. What’s in my bag? Part 2

By Paul Perton | Review

So. I’m going out to wander the streets. I want to disappear, so as to be able to get the shots I want. Unlike many street photographers, I don’t want my subject(s) to see me. I think capturing a posed image is (in the main) not really the essence of the photography I want to […]

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