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Aug 24

#118. Sensors : why size matters!

By pascaljappy | News , Opinion

Rumours of a Full-Frame NEX camera to come recently triggered jolly flame wars with (uneducated) comments successively denouncing the technical impossibility of the task and, more interestingly, how pointless the whole endeavour is. Now that comes as no surprise. The photo world is dotted with interest niches and, as self-centeredness often overrides intellect, fanboy antics […]

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Aug 23

#117. One Night in Hong Kong

By pascaljappy | News

In the first episode of this tourist report, I described the light and sights of this fascinating city. At least what can be visited in a very short (less than 24h) stay. In this second part, my focus will be on what impressed me most : the night, the lights and the buildings. Note the […]

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