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Jul 06

#6. Arriverderci

By pascaljappy | News

Hey, saucy! What is there to say? There was a croud standing on the other side of the peacock, all taking the same shot in very poor lighting. I chose this view that is more amusing, less cliché and has a softer light. The picture was cropped to remove tourists and also to make it […]

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Jul 03

#5. Bin that knife

By pascaljappy | News

Cette scène se déroule à Notting Hill, un des quartiers les plus recherchés de Londres. Mes images contiennent habituellement peu de personnages (sauf les portraits …) mais quand ce gars a déboulé, je n’ai pas pu résister. La poubelle présentait déjà beaucoup d’intérêt par elle même, mais quand un bonhomme en haut de forme s’est […]

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Jul 01

#4. Supersonic underground

By pascaljappy | News

So. I’m in the underground in London and two ladies hop in, dressed in bright yellow. In front of me are other colourful shapes, a blue bag, the green railings, the flashing lights through the windows and on the ceiling. Setting my lens at F/22 gives me a 4 second exposure and this is the […]

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Jun 29

#3. Mauve chandelier

By pascaljappy | News , Opinion

Ce fragile chandelier est le pistile et les étamines d’une grande mauve qui pousse au bord du chemin devant ma porte. Cette image est beaucoup plus belle en grande taille, n’hésitez pas à cliquer dessus pour la voir dans les meilleures conditions. La partie centrale me fait penser à un chandelier ou une décoration de […]

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Jun 19

#2. Chinese Roses

By pascaljappy | News

Night frost on a wooden terrace produced these shapes that remind me of flowers and old Chinese paintings. They also bring back memories of a Cy Twobly exhbition held in Avignon in 2007 (“Blooming”) in which many paintings of Peonies elicited very mixed reactions from fellow visitors. Cy Twombly, by the way, is back in […]

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Jun 17

#1. Giudecca, Venezia

By pascaljappy | Travel Photography

An oblique view of the Giudecca water front taken from the vaporetto on our way to visiting the 3 palladian churches of the area. The overcast day made the ochre colours stronger. A long lens was used to compress the perspective and highlight verticals, inspired by Viera da Silva paintings. Slightly under-exposed to give the […]

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