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Oct 21

#1237. Creation = stress?

By pascaljappy | Opinion

This stress is one of many options to explain (male) photographer’s constant GAS 😉   Another quick post, to examine a thought that arose after listening to a HiFi dealer interview. My dealer. He explains that one of his customers, an orchestra conductor, owns an old and quite poor audio system. That man reconstructs the […]

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Sep 28

#1232. I tested Vero

By pascaljappy | Review

So you don’t have to 😉 – Maybe you should, though!   In a recent roundup of news, I linked to a Peter McKinnon video detailing 10 reasons to try out the social platform Vero. It seems to provide an alternative to Instagram that isn’t chasing TikTok’s debilitating features, offers more possibilities for sharing and […]

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Sep 13

#1229. The futility of re-creation

By pascaljappy | Opinion

A beloved lost photograph and the opportunity to shoot it again, along with my attempts to emulate film in digital.   Above is one of my favourite personal photographs. Ironic, really, as landscape photography usually does very little for me. That photo – the source file – was lost to one of my many backup […]

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