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View of a lush forest environment
Jan 09

#1260. Detox in the art of photobook-making

By pascaljappy | Opinion

Photography is serious business. I shouldn’t be having so much fun 😉   Apologies for the title 😉 Also, please understand detox in a non judgemental way. This post isn’t about explaining how creating a photobook magically cleans up and elevates anyone’s mind. It’s a purely personal account, in the hope that the joy of […]

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Dec 17

#1251. Printing? What for?

By pascaljappy | How-To

So, a solid 18 months after promising to do so, I’ve finally started printing again. Good news, though not for the reasons initially imagined. The tactile “last mile” is actually so freeing.   So, printed, something like the photo above starts with a triple whammy unfair advantage. But there are more interesting reasons for bracing […]

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Dec 12

#1250. (An Ode to) Complexity

By pascaljappy | How-To

Reality is complex. Photographs shouldn’t dumb it down.   The sea, the sky, seperated by a perfectly straight horizon. Add a single white dome, with possibly a supermodel running down stairs in a striking red dress. That lone distant mountain with a blue river meandering through a uniform coniferous forest in the foreground. What could […]

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Dec 06

#1248. Confessions of a grabber

By pascaljappy | How-To

Internal conflict between photographic aspirations and reality can eat you up, man. Know thyself, right?   A few posts ago, I mentioned growing dissatisfaction with my “grabber” approach to photography. For those not familiar with this website, the grabber is one of the 4 photographer personalities proposed by co-author Philippe which describes people like me […]

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