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Nov 01

#1320. More thoughts on system building

By pascaljappy | How-To

How to choose lenses, cameras and accessories should be your decision, not the market’s.   Judging by the comments and email my last post elicited, I can’t have done a great job of explaining my subtractive approach to system building 😉 But first, let’s draw a line between collectors and photographers. Both represent valid hobbies, […]

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Oct 05

#1315. In defense of the smartphone, again.

By pascaljappy | Opinion

A new perspective on an old question.   Beyond the use as a visual notebook, at which it excels, the smartphone has progressed tremendously to capture more and more of the ‘serious’ photography market. Periscope lenses, larger sensors, better colour science, better DR, RAW files, and probably more, add to the list of features bridging […]

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