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Sep 13

#1229. The futility of re-creation

By pascaljappy | Opinion

A beloved lost photograph and the opportunity to shoot it again, along with my attempts to emulate film in digital.   Above is one of my favourite personal photographs. Ironic, really, as landscape photography usually does very little for me. That photo – the source file – was lost to one of my many backup […]

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Sep 07

#1227. My thoughts on the Hasselblad X2D

By pascaljappy | Review

Is it a dream come true, or just another boring camera in a string of boring quantitatively-designed cameras in a suuuuper boring quantitative-driven market?   This, above, is how a camera should be judged. Can it help a photographer produce good images? Images that the author feels proud of. All the rest, at least for […]

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Aug 20

#1223. Week Links of Photography (20 Aug 2022)

By pascaljappy | Newsletter

Bucket lists vs adventure vs exploration, creative scientific photography, defining and understanding the Netflix look, Brenizer portraiture, the difficulty of shooting monochrome with a colour camera, a film photography star’s favourite camera (and it’s not a film camera), Kodak Gold in 120 celebrated, photography-centric smartphone announcements, AI in the arts, and a homage to Robert […]

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Aug 13

#1222. Week Links of Photography (13 Aug 2022)

By pascaljappy | Newsletter

Competitions aplenty, how to (really) become an expert, Lightroom’s hidden midtone slider, the liberating uses of auto-ISO, tips for printing better, a very worthwhile alternative to Instagram, alternatives to mirrorless digital cameras, and much more (including a call for help with my own printing).   To print, or not to print? That really is the […]

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