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Mar 20

#1352. Copying a camera that copies film?

By pascaljappy | Opinion

The convenience of digital with the looks of film?   Obviously, the benefits of film photography shouldn’t be limited to looks alone. The palpable experience of rolls and prints probably overshadow any aesthetic benefits, as does the chimp-free process for those receptive to it. I knew that, of course, but had lived for years in […]

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Mar 15

#1351. Grow with the Flow (2/2)

By pascaljappy | How-To

Part I focused on what flow is, according to science, and why you would want to incorporate it into your life. This second part provides pointers on how to induce flow in your life and your photography.   Whether flow will make you a better photographer depends on how you define better. It will allow […]

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Feb 26

#1349. Diversity in GAS

By pascaljappy | Opinion , Review

This weekend, I was fortunate enough to try 4 cameras   Here’s another brief post from me as I return from a quick visit to the UK to see friends and family. My X1D stayed at home to keep luggage light, but my old phone was always in my pocket. See pics above and below. […]

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Feb 14

#1347. Grow with the flow (1/2)

By pascaljappy | How-To

Putting to rest the mystical, getting into the neuroscience of flow, and how to use it in our photography.   Ironically, the very idea of flow creates a lot of resistance. Either because it is felt by some to be a mushy concept used by faux-gurus, or because of the impression that it requires some […]

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