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Sep 06

#1137. Open Letter

By Bob Kruger | News , Uncategorized

I only became aware of the Dear Susan community a few years ago. With interest I followed, then timidly I posted a few photos, then I submitted a few articles. The response has been nothing but positive. I don’t know how Pascal Jappy has nurtured this experience, but his vision has provided nothing but encouragement […]

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Aug 30

#1135. Photographic Purpose

By Bob Kruger | How-To

I’ve been taking pictures for a long time. Only recently have I taken pictures with a purpose. For many years I have taken pictures serendipitously, what Pascal calls “grabbing” (DS # 1134). That approach was my staple for many years, but the more I shoot the more I veer from grabbing. I’m getting too old […]

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May 05

#1114. Visual Haikus Redux

By Bob Kruger | Art & Creativity

Two years ago, I and others submitted photographs in response to a Dear Susan challenge entitled “Visual Haiku” (DS #841). Recently reviewing photographs I have taken over the past five years brought this challenge to mind. I wished to enhance the emotional impact of these photos through the addition of a haiku inspired by each. […]

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