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Born in 1955, I have spent most of my life in west / central Scotland and live in Lanarkshire with my long suffering and understanding wife and our canine companions. I was introduced to photography in my early teens by my father and have been an addict ever since. The process of pre-visualizing an image and seeing that come to fruition will never cease to thrill me and it is that excitement which drives me on, despite the early rises, the late returns and the weight of my backpack, to devote the bulk of my spare time to my passions of landscape photography, hill-walking and travel. After decades of taking photographic trips to wherever took my fancy, I have decided to dedicate my photographic self to the islands on the north western fringes of Europe and, in particular, to those islands which were touched by both the Celts and the Norsemen - two peoples back to whom I am, undoubtedly, able to trace my roots. Apart from my family and the passions mentioned above, the other passions in my life are a love of cooking, fine wine and single malt Scotch whisky.

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Sep 13

#643. Making the switch

By Bob Hamilton | Opinion

Bob Hamilton is a regular contributor to DearSusan. He makes some interesting points here which might interest us all in this lengthy article.  ****************************************************************************  I’m getting on in years and have this increasing urge to push my personal envelope and, at the same time, do something which has a bit more purpose and meaning, photographically […]

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