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​Welcome to DearSusan.net, the collaborative website where travelers and photographers find location reviews, gear reviews, pro interviews, tutorials, industry ​news and inspiration for making their photography a more creative, satisfying and rewarding experience.

Early morning forest scene in Provence photographed using a tripod at low ISO


​Our main goal is to nurture a community of like-minded, talented and generous photographers. You'll have noticed that many blogs are slowing down or stopping altogether and that the surviving few can sometimes feel like there's a content drought. It's very difficult to keep a small ​website running, particularly when you have a real job to pay for the bills. But a group can - and does - achieve far more. Put together, the team of contributors to this website has a deep knowledge, a vast experience and a breadth of vision that would have been impossible to achieve alone. ​And we're always on the lookout for new contributors willing to share their know-how and experience with others. 

We also want to promote personal expression and creativity, two natural ​side-effects of any artistic hobby but often forgotten in ours, due to excessive focus on gear and likes. We try to turn the tide and help community members experience the greatest benefits from their practise.


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