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Welcome to DearSusan.net, the collaborative website where travelers – business and tourist – and photographers find location reviews, gear reviews, pro interviews, tutorials, industry opinion and inspiration for making their travel photography a more creative, satisfying and rewarding experience.


Early morning forest scene in Provence photographed using a tripod at low ISO

Our Mission

To Make You Share Our Love And Expertise of Creative Travel Photography

Why Travel Photography?

In our collective author mind, few experiences are as pleasant and transformative as visiting other countries and people in the right conditions. And, unlinke the “seen it, got the T-shirt” approach to photographic documentation of travels so criticised by Susan Sontag, we believe that travel photography can be a profoundly satisfying way of soaking up the ambiance and vibe or a location. Great travel photographs not only satisfy the ego and help you relive memories when you return home but reveal a lot about you and your individual perception of the area.


Total solar eclispe with corona


Whether you are interested in people, nature, cities, local cuision, religion, architecture or traces of ancient civilisations, photography is a form of introspection that forces you to attune to the location rather than simply pass through it in search of the next souvenir shop.

In this website, we will teach you to slow down, to photograph less and better, to take many more memories back with you and develop your creativity as a visiting artist.




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