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Jan 29

#959. The way we shoot… (part deux)

By philberphoto | How-To

  I remember reading how Argentinian pianist Miguel-Angel Estrella kept playing the “piano” on just a bit of wood in the cell in which the military regime had jailed him. Which allowed him to resume his piano career once he had been set free. To me photography is somewhat the same, save for the Junta […]

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May 08

#1115. Week Links of Photography: MQA, GPS R3, X60, IG, 8K, and more

By pascaljappy | Newsletter

In this week’s issue, a prepper destroys the GPS, MQA destroys the myth of resolution, Pop photo destroys wide angle distortion, a French weirdo optician destroys traditional photo lenses, a parrot destroys Chinese drone domination (not really), stock photographers destroy the market, the Canon R3 destroys the competition, Zeiss destroy the night, nature photographers destroy […]

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May 01

#1113. Week Links of Photograpy : ethical cameras (?), Amazon video suite, drones, superblack backgrounds …

By pascaljappy | Newsletter

In this week’s issue, we explore paints and fabrics for super black backgrounds, ethical consumers diss the photo industry, drones get better every day, instant cameras play cool, Amazon picks and shovels its way into content creation, Olympus and Sigma make our hearts beat faster, I wish one video product existed for photography, and admire […]

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