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Oct 26

#660. Is Sony the Un-Leica-ly company?

By philberphoto | Opinion

In the old days – God, I hate posts that start like that – photography was at least a two-tier world. The first tier, with Kodak Brownies and Polaroids, was for home consumption. Document precious moments, go to print or slide and populate albums.     The second-tier was professional, photography for sale. Sale of […]

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Sep 23

#647. Sony GM 24-70 : Extreme aspheric bokeh master?

By Adrian | Review

Around a year ago, Philippe wrote this review of the then new Sony “G Master” (GM) 24-70mm f2.8 zoom for their full frame E mount cameras. In his review he talked about the excellence of the lens, it’s resolution, it’s sharpness, it’s contrast, but also it’s lack of “magic”. His conclusion was that many modern lenses such […]

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