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Aug 23

A Tour of High-Quality Printing Processes

By pascaljappy |

​​The specificity of the photograph as work of art is its dual nature as physical object and conceptual image. Artists ​can ​shine at ​all points of that craft – meaning spectrum. The modern trend of conceptual photographers who print very large ​chose their process mainly to enable such large outputs. ​In the opposite corner of […]

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Sep 09

#900. DS is dead. Long live DS?

By pascaljappy | News

900 posts. In today’s goldfish-attention-span media industry, that’s a fraction of a second of content. On instagram alone, all the photographs published on DS since day one represent less than 10 seconds. Still, as non-monetized photo blogs go, we can probably call it a good run and look proudly at the past. The time, however, […]

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Aug 08

Your Artist Statement (Oi, come back here!)

By pascaljappy |

Companies with strong brands are more highly valued by customers and investors. Artists with great brands are more desirable to collectors. Your artist statement is the first component in your brand. It helps others understand you and connect with you more deeply. Far from the pfaff you can occasionally read, it can be short, simple and to the point. But, however you want to write it, you need one.

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Aug 04

#886. Monday Post (5 Aug 2019) – Making Photography Responsible? (plus challenge and site news)

By pascaljappy | Monday Post , Opinion

It’s funny how some topics follow ebb and flow patterns in our newsfeeds. For some reason, mine were recently flooded by doomsday perspectives on tourism. “Who killed Tulum?” “Les excès du tourisme” “Barcelona’s tourism headache”, just to name a very few. A couple of weeks ago, it was all about tick-spread diseases, go figure.   […]

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