5 reasons your non-photographer family will love your DearSusan Insight: Guide

Because it is expensive and time consuming, photography can be a difficult hobby to understand for your family, particularly when your attention is divided between the two during your vacations.

And because we understand, buying a photography-oriented travel guide can broadcast worrying signal to those you love, we have assembled a few facts that illustrate how good preparation and how InSight: Guides are actually very family-friendly.

1) Photogenic is often beautiful

Although the opposite is not always true, scenery that makes a great travel photograph is either very interesting or very beautiful.

So, InSight: Guides will often be taking you to lovely areas. Not always the most famous ones, but those you will enjoy having witnessed first hand rather than collected on a post-card.


A dangling wooden mailbox on a very beautiful stone wall with flowers in Provence

Dangling mailbox, Provence


2) More focused trips, less meandering

We photographers often suffer from FOMO, Fear Of Missing Out.

Fear of no capturing the exquisite courtyard behind the uninspiring door. Fear of arriving too late for the street carnival on the oher side of time. Fear of not collecting all the must have spots in the book.

By taking you on guided walks, InSight : Guides ensure you explore a location thoroughly and in a consistent route.



Serenity, Copenhagen


No more back-and-forth rushing between streets. No more anxious dashes in pointless side alleys. You can relax a enjoy, alone or with your family.


3) More time with your family

Speaking of family … are you guilty of ever feeling frustrated, like you were holding back and not getting the shots ? Ever wondered how your family feels at the same moment ?

That mutual frustration finds its roots in bad planning.

As soon as you feel you’ve made several excellent photographs, the pressure drops, you relax and spend less time with your eye anxiously staring through the viewfinder. You are happy to spend more quality time with your family and enjoy their pleasures and sources of interests as well as yours because you are no longer stressed about bringing back the winner shots.


A forest on an Island in a frozen lake in Lapland

Peaceful Island, Lapland


InSight: Guides place you in the best conditions to plan your photographic walks and get the precious shots that will let you relax the rest of the day with your loved ones.


4) Fewer photos, better photos

Sorting through 2000 uninspiring pictures can be a little disheartening for the photographer, once back home. It’s even worse for those not in the hobby, particularly if they felt excluded from the actual shooting process.

Through careful preparation of your travels, you can drastically increase your keeper rate by decreasing the number of photographs on your cards when you return home and, at the same time, significantly increasing the number of good photographs.

Staying clear from the banal, thinking creatively and being strict in your quality control are 3 ways of improving your keeper rate, making great albums for all to remember and hanging glorious prints on your wall.


Oxford from above

Regal view, Oxford


Being at the right place at the right time and in the right frame of mind is a precious fourth, and that is the principal goal of DearSusan’s InSight: Guides.


5) Off the beaten path is less crowded and more exotic

No one would travel for hours or days and not visit the better known attractions of the destination city. But, after a while, who doesn’t long for a little time out, a gentle stroll away from Piazza San Marco or Times Square and into the quiet areas where locals actually reside?


Sexy green buildings

Sexy green buildings


Every one of our InSight: Guides lists walks that are mostly off the beaten path and take you to lesser known, but equally rewarding spots where you and your family can enjoy more tranquil surroundings and the more authentic aspects of your destination.