#1370. France. Briefly.

By Paul Perton | Travel Photography

Jul 07

Five days in France – helping friends clear their home in preparation for a move back to the UK. They were mainly sorting personal stuff, so I could have spent the time waiting around or lolling in a hotel, or more to my liking, getting some photography in.

There’s no story beyond that. Hope you like my take on the Limousin region as much as I did shooting them.


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  • Philberphoto says:

    Fine French foray, Paul! Images just brimming with couleur locale. Call me a fan, though that’s hardly new. My faves are the series stuck between the B&W and the last one. Sooo good. And of course the 2 Simcas. My parents owned one of each….. a lifetime ago…

  • jean pierre (pete) guaron says:

    Thanks Paul – now that old age has me “gated” and I can no longer travel, I really appreciate you sharing photos like these – there’s no part of France that I don’t love looking at,and like any others, these images tug at my heart strings.

  • Nancee Rostad says:

    A well spent 5 days of photography in France, Paul. What fun to have time to poke around looking for interesting bits and pieces. The leaning gates in the field are quite evocative, and, oh those fabulous cobwebby, mossy doors! Divine!

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