#1369. Canon G7Xii – Summer E-Film

By Ian Varkevisser | How-To

Jul 01

In a recent comment on E-Films I mentioned the advanced picture style editor tool that Canon has which has been around since the mid 2000s.

I own a Canon G7X ii pocketable 1" sensor , 20M Pixel 24-100mm equivalent focal length point and shoot. One of the reasons I chose Canon as a point and shoot was because I wanted an everyday carry around to shoot jpeg and because of the highly flexible picture style editor with which custom E-Films could be created.

Below I have set out to demonstrate the flexibility of the picture style editor with the Summer E-Film I created for it.

The goal of Summer was to be a low saturation , pastel , summer look which accentuates the warm colours and de-emphasises the colder colours.

Using the 6 colour HSL controls in the picture style editor the cold colours have been desaturated and lightened. Blue has been pushed toward cyan , and greens towards yellow. The warm colours have also been desaturated with red being pushed toward orange, and yellow toward green and lightened but not as much as the cold colours. A strong tone curve adjustment was made to bring down the highlights and increase the shadows a lot - producing a low contrast pastel bleached colour result.

The in camera sharpness strength , fineness and threshold settings were adjusted for a soft toward grainy type image. Overall colour and contrast settings were adjusted to -1 ( to reduce both further ) and skin tone was adjust +1 toward yellow. The E-Film calls for +2/3 stop compensation and white balance to be set at Auto.

I nipped into the village this morning to find a variety of subject matter with as much colour variation as possible to showcase the resulting Summer E-Film. All were shot RAW and jpeg at +2/3 compensation. Thereafter all RAW images were selected in camera and batch converted using the Canon in camera Faithful picture style and taking the brightness down 2/3. ( come on Fuji how about this in camera batch feature ). Equally one can just shoot RAW and batch convert in camera using any of the 3 custom picture styles ( E-Film ) one has registered ( loaded ) in the camera.

The images below were not shot with composition in mind but only to showcase the E-Film stock under variety of colour of subject matter. The first of each of the paired images is the Summer an the the second the standard Canon Faithful.

Bear in mind these have been shot in mid winter light conditions, with 1 week to go to winter solstice.


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  • John Wilson says:

    Interesting comparison Ian. There’s a warmth and gentleness to the “Summer” palate. Unfortunately I don’t think the backside illumination of a monitor really does this kind of colour palate justice. I’d increase the contrast slightly and print these on a “soft matt” paper to really bring out the pastel quality of the colours … but then we wouldn’t see them on DS, would we.

    • Ian Varkevisser says:

      might be interesting to actually shoot something for composition and print out and see the resulting print on paper.

      none are really worthy of printing , as mentioned in the article scenes selected purely for colour to showcase the e-film.

  • jean pierre (pete) guaron says:

    You’ve produced some of these “summer shots” before, Ian – quite recently in fact. Just to be perverse I think I’d prefer something in between the light & the dark versions! I’m kidding of course – that would simply defeat the purpose of what you’re trying to do – showing us both!

    I haven’t altered the colour chart along the lines you’ve chosen – but in the past few years, I have found myself increasingly lightening images, and reducing contrast, to achieve a more realistic look. To the point where SOOC usually doesn’t do it, for me. So I rather like your paler images here.

    • Ian Varkevisser says:

      Hi Pete,

      correct just recently I did some ‘pastel vibes’ one but that was on a Fujifilm camera.

      the purpose of this short blog is to show the use of the 6 colour HSL adjustment capability on a canon camera, and in fact how much more flexible it is than Fuji when it comes to adjusting in camera colour science.

      another interesting example of a discontinued but somewhat now overpriced 2nd hand camera which had abilities in this direction was the Olympus Pen F with its colour wheel settings on camera

      • jean pierre (pete) guaron says:

        Ian, I used to live in the Northern Territory of Australia before I moved here, to Western Australia. And they had an interesting motto for their Tourist Bureau, to promote the Territory and attract more tourists. It reads – “If you never never go, you’ll nevernever know!” The “never never” bit was taken from the title of an early novel about life on a cattle station in the Territory.
        And I think the slogan has wider application. As photographers, we NEED to try different things, to experiment – otherwise, “if we never never try, we’ll never never know”!

      • jean pierre (pete) guaron says:

        Something about it reminds me of an earlier posting of yours, Ian – “1332. Streetopia and Portra 400”

  • pascaljappy says:

    Brilliant, illustration, Ian, thanks. If only other manufacturers brought the concept up to date …

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