#1355. Flying over snow clad alps with Bokina

By Kristian Wannebo | Art & Creativity

Apr 27

Or, rather, Tokina’s mostly wide open view.


( the last moon light )



— of kitchen paper and one brown paper bag.


( Or just amusing myself.)

I can’t, of course, deny being inspired by Nancee…
Sitting cross legged on my bed,
practicing wide open macro hand held manual focus,
putting stuff in front of me…
… as, for a change, some garbage bags, knotted, pre-exit.


Or my rumpled blanket…


Recipe. Ingredients :

  • One kitchen roll
  • Other stuff to taste
  • Soft light from a window
  • One Camera ( e.g. Z5, IBIS mostly on)
  • One MF Macro lens ( e.g. Tokina AT-X Macro 90mm f/2.5 [1:2], mostly wide open, nicknamed Bokina — not by me!) [ – partly with a (three-element) Tokina Macro Extender to 1:1 (between camera and lens)]

Mix  ( Lightly wrinkle a piece of e.g. kitchen paper rolling it gently between your palms.)
Stir thoroughly
Extract result, increase contrast?,
— and, Sigh — mostly.
Anyway, I had fun!

(I kept no record of IBIS on/off as it didn’t seem to matter very much here — but, of course, the main problem was probably random longitudinal camera movement while focusing.)

It’s just as with target shooting (as I did occasionally in my youth with a 6.5mm  Mauser). You’ve to learn *not* to pull the trigger — but to just allow it to happen.

Maybe I’ll try a small glass of something… ( It’s forbidden in shooting competitions as it calms the gun.) And Spring is coming…

( 90mm @ f/2.5 )


( Malvina Reynolds singing her song about grass — and truth.)

Although on April third…

( 90mm @ f/2.5 through my window, cropped.)


“April weather” here is usually full of surprises!
– – * – –

Y’gotta be lucky… On the ‘net I stumbled over an article about this renowned tele&macro lens from the 1980s, supposed to be rare…

A few days later I found a used one at a very reasonable price — a photographer was retiring.

( I’ve long wanted a Nikon Z for its shortest register (16mm) and for its IBIS. No crop sensor model came and no (basic) Z5 appeared on the used marked. And then Nikon had a ~30% off winter campaign!)

PP with Affinity Photo 2 on iPad mini 6. Here only exposure & contrast (& clarity).

Works well, but rather easier with Apple Pencil (2). You can quickly move a photo and zoom it in/out with two fingers. You can toggle on/off any set of tools, or everything except the photo. It gives warning by local strong colouring if you overdo some modification. There’s undo/redo and a ?-button for text info. It’s flexible, works non-destructively and the toolset seems fairly complete.
~ $/€ 50 (one time).


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  • Michael Fleischer says:

    Hi Kristian, I love your creative freedom and playfulness; My favourite is “The Last Moon light”…Those warm-toned mountain ridges makes it for me…;-).
    I once tried making waves with a simple blue-striped bedcover + shallow DOF at eye level, that was fun too!
    Keep the good work up, & never give in to unneces(scarry) conformity, hehe!

    • Kristian Wannebo says:

      Thank you, Michael, that was the brown paper bag. Hit by an occasional ray of evening sun slanting in from the clouded sky. One of few where I had to stop down a few stops (to give some shape to the foreground mountain).
      ( I believe conformity due to a lack of ideas is far more common than intentional conformity – though there are always loud advocates for the latter…)

  • Nancee Rostad says:

    Oh, my clever Kristian! You had me fooled there for a while, until the fabrics and papers became more apparent. It’s fun to play with photography, isn’t it? Keep up the “experimentation” and I look forward to your next creations.
    Sorry this comment is so late in coming, but since Pascal is no longer sending out new post notifications, I forget to check DearSusan out for several weeks at a time.

    • Kristian Wannebo says:

      Thank you, Nancee,
      for your encouragement!
      I was sure you’d comment – considering some of your contributions!

      ( But I’m a bit surprised at the lack of reactions, perhaps my photos were too surprising…:-) )

      I must admit I polished the story a bit.
      I had just wiped my nose and dropped the paper on the bed – and suddenly realised that I should grab my camera… The rest was spread over some days.

      Only the fun was dwindling before I had enough good photos so for variety I included some less good.

  • jeanpierreguaron660@gmail.com says:

    Kristian, until the grass grew, these images reminded me of my aunt (mum’s sister), who used to have passionate “crazes” for one thing after another. And one day when I turned up at their house, there was a very dead looking plant in an empty glass vase on top of the TV (from before she gave up on flower arrangement), while all the shelves in the room were covered with bits of papers folded into weird shapes (from when she’d turned to origami, instead). But I’ve not seen origami done on a grand scale, with bedclothes, before.

    When you wrote that line about singing about grass & truth, I must admit I was expecting something quite different! I guess I’m just showing my age!

    • Kristian Wannebo says:

      Well, Pete,
      it wasn’t really origami – it was all random (except, of course, for the selection).
      I just happened to look at a piece of dropped crushed paper and had to grab my camera…
      The rest just came as long as the fun lasted.

      I love that song by Malvina Reynolds. Especially the way she sings it!

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