#1339. Your fave photographs of 2023

By pascaljappy | Art & Creativity

Jan 18

Well, this is it, our first collective post of 2024. This time, we could pick from all of last year, which kinda made things more difficult (which probably warrants an article of its own). Thank you again to all of those who participated. As for others, please let us know what you think, and do not hesitate to send in your January photos, when the call comes in a few days 🙂

Paul Barclay


Philippe Berend

Down in out in Paris
Getting a kick out of phography

Terry Coles


Michael Fleischer


Dave Harrington

My favorite photos are linked with memories or events.  This photo of a shed in the Williamstown Hopkins forest  was taken while my son and I spent a lovely weekend in the Berkshires.


Eastern Harbor in Addison Maine is a five minute walk from  where my brother and his wife live; the photo was taken during our annual visit there this summer.  


This  was taken during a community day in Nubian Square, Boston, a short distance from where we live.  The volunteers’ smiles reflect the positive spirit of the nonprofit More Than Words.


Pascal Jappy

After years of struggling with the ability to produce occasionally striking, but ultimately quite empty images, 2023 was when the idea of producing more documentary photographs emerged. The concept of “Terroir photography” began to crystalize and, with it, the use of more colour. The three photos were chosen to illustrate that cohabitation of the two styles and – hopefully – their merging, one day 🙂


Michael Keppler

The picture from Hamburg was taken with my old Contax 167MT and the Carl Zeiss 1.4/50. The first analogue shots after more than 20 years of digital photography.


The picture of the Völklinger Hüttte (an old steel mill) was taken on the first trip with the Hasselblad 503CW. I had wanted to take a look at this industrial monument for a long time, and the Hassi finally gave me an opportunity.


Finally, the winter picture is one of the first shots taken with a Hasselblad SWC from 1967, which finally found its way to me. All pictures on Ilford XP2 super.


Keith Lenghaus


Steve Mallett

Blue Bridge, Perth
Squatters On The Bridge

Pascal Ollier


Peter Oosthuizen


Claus Oszuszky


Pascal Ravach

Ecolo/family friendly 🙂
Waiting for the customer…
Come for a break!

Lad Sessions


Dallas Thomas


Michael Ulm



Chris Stump


Zelma Van Wyk


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  • robert kruger says:

    Claus Oszuszky: Bravo!!

  • Peter Oosthuizen says:

    Wow – such diversity of place and theme. Thanks Pascal for hosting and all contributors for sharing. Finally reingnited my post-holiday enthusiasm 🙂

    • Michael Keppler says:

      Your pictures have an amazing clarity and presence, almost giving the viewer the feeling of being in the picture themselves, if that makes any sense…. I like them very much!

  • Ian Varkevisser says:

    Thanks all for the eclectic mix of wonderful images from around the world

  • Steve Mallett says:

    Once again a wonderful selection of images. Thanks for doing this Pascal.

  • PaulB says:


    I think you overlooked a submission.


  • Pascal Ravach says:

    Too many interesting images to pick just one… a nice « walk around the globe »!

  • Nancee Rostad says:

    Once again the DearSusan community has submitted an exciting group of images! With such talent out there, I’d love to see those who have never created a DS post do so soon. I don’t like to choose favorites, but I must mention Peter O’s evocative and atmospheric image of an abandoned building, AND Claus’s cinematic stunner….just, wow! Kudos to all.

    • Claus Oszuszky says:

      Thank you VERY much 🙂

    • Jon Maxim says:

      Hi Nancee, I am one of those that has not submitted an image. I have been photographing for over 50 years and even did so professionally at the very beginning. I almost never show my images to even my closest friends (just ask my wife ). I am trying to build my courage up to do so. I think may be the community where I might do so because everyone seems to be supportive.

      • Nancee Rostad says:

        Hi Jon. I felt the same way until a friend reached out and strongly encouraged me to send in a post. I’m so happy that I did, since DearSusan is the most welcoming and supportive venue to show your images that I’ve ever found. No one will critique your images; they’ll just celebrate what you’ve accomplished. So, can I be that friend who encourages you to give it a try? I hope so! Contact Pascal Jappy for all the details.

  • Nancee Rostad says:

    Browsing through the images again brought another stunning image to my attention. Pascal J’s fabulous B&W leaf image is wonderfully unique – love it!

  • jean pierre (pete) guaron says:

    Oh dear – now I don’t know which is going to get me into more trouble – saying which one I like best – or NOT saying it. I think I’ll just go and have my dinner, instead.

  • Peter Backhouse says:

    Thanks for everyone’s images- always great fun to see how other people see. I will join in – in the next round.

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