#1324. Your favourite photos of October 23

By pascaljappy | Art & Creativity

Nov 23

Leslie Ashe


Deigh Bates

Mt Washington sunrise

Philippe Berend


Frank Field

Here’s one from near my home in Sonoma County, California


Michael Fleischer

Enclosed are 2 photos from a nearby forest with a local railway snaking its way through the landscape…(an ice age Tunnel Valley) !


John Goddard

These photos were taken on Amelia Island, Fl. Amelia is a barrier Island in northern Florida that boasts wide, quiet beaches, magnificent salt marshes and a rich history – in other words, an amazing place for a photographer. Many of the subjects were perfect candidates for a 65:24 crop, which I am starting to use more frequently.


Dave Harrington



Pascal Jappy

Not much time dedicated to photography for me last October, so here are three random shots I like from that month. If beach weather surprises you in October, know that it was 35°C in the sun yesterday (Nov 21) … crazy.


Michael Keppler

This picture of a beautiful olive grove was taken during a short hike in Greece.

Keith Lenghouse

A paddock near Little River
Moonrise over Melbourne
The Noosa coast in Queensland

David Massolo


Leonard Norwitz


Pascal Ollier


Peter Oosthuizen

This month saw a trip to the Little Karoo near Calitzdorp. Pretty gloomy weather but a couple of mono images for a change.

Farm worker’s cottage
Light rays over the Swartberg

Luca Pascotto


Paul Perton


Vladimir Riha

Please find enclosed three photos taken in mid-October 2023 in the Snowy mountains’ region of NSW Aus. The trees are Snow Gums taken in rainy and foggy conditions at elevation of about 1853m above sea level.


Henry Rinne

Here are three from a trip to Western North Carolina.

Blue Ridge Parkway

Chris Stump

Halloween in southern Maine, USA 🙂


Bob Sessions

Shelf mushrooms in our nearby wood
One of the many sunrise photos I’ve taken this fall near Iowa City
The beauty of Iowa in the fall (near Iowa City)

Lad Sessions

Here are three from a ramble out in Rockbridge County at the beginning of the month, with the two House Mountains (Little and Big) in the background.


Dallas Thomas

3 more from Scotland 🙂

Bridge over the River Dee
Stag @ Culzean Castle and Country Park
Wemyss Bay Railway Station

Ian Varkevisser


John Wilson

Nautilus Dream
Wasp Anchorpoint
Catch Me If You Can


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  • jean pierre (pete) guaron says:

    WAOW!!! Pascal you can do the judging bit – I just want to enjoy the display of talent.

    I have to mention Vladimir’s contribution – I knew perfectly well that we have those trees on this continent, when two of us were posting photos of tree bark, but the location was impossibly difficult for me to get there. Now I won’t have to – Vladimir has done it for everyone, already! And it’s not just the textures of the bark, or even the colours – it’s the shapes of the limbs, gnarled and twisted, contorted into the most spectacular shapes.

    Ian, I think you can keep that stormy weather – reminds me of a letter my great-great-grandfather wrote home to England, after he and his father crossed the Indian Ocean from Durban (in your neck of the woods) to Kangaroo Island – somehow the “Africaine”, on which they were travelling, drifted a little too far to the south, into the edge of the Great Souther Ocean, and got caught up in the “roaring forties” – a perpetual gale force westerly wind, that shot them across to Australia in record time, so they arrived ahead of the Governor and the rest of the fleet and had to hole up on Kangaroo Island till the others turned up and told them where the settlement of South Australia (where they were heading) was supposed to start. Great-great-great-grandfather was supposed to be the ship’s doctor – but only his son and the first mate could crawl up on deck, the rest of them spent the crossing seasick – his son used to climb up into the crow’s nest every day, had an enormous amount of fun in the stormy conditions, as bratty children do on these occasions!

    Henry I love you shot of the lovers – magnificent photo! And John, I’ve no idea how you created those images, but they are extraordinary!

    My apologies to all others – I feel obiged to vacate the space and hand over to everyone else.

    PS – Pascal, I hope you didn’t eat those crabs!

    • John Wilson says:

      Merci Pete. They were a lot of fun to create. Nautilus Dream is unfortunately a one-off. No matter how hard I try I can’t duplicate that effect .

  • Lad Sessions says:

    These images are all marvelous! What a wonderful community of photographers Pascal J has attracted, for all the right reasons! On this Thanksgiving Day, I give thanks to Pascal and the whole Dear Susan community.

  • Allan Dew says:

    Well worth waiting for Pascal!
    This is a wonderful selection of work.
    Your site has a very talented group of photographers.

  • John Wilson says:

    I never cease to be humbled by the quality and variety of the images this monthly exercise produces … Leslie’s shot of the forest, Mike’s Olive Grove, Moonrise Over Melbourne, Leonard’s shot with the Coke Machine (reminds me of the movie “The Sum of All Fears”), Peter’s Farm Workers cottage, Chris’ shot with the lighted shoes … and sooooo many more. And a HUGE welcome all the new names that keep showing up.

  • Pascal Ravach says:

    Hi Jonh,
    Did you use Solarization for “Wasp Anchorpoint”?
    Seems the case to me, and I like to see it resurfacing from time to time 🙂

  • John Wilson says:

    Pascal – All three images were done in Circular Studio (Mac only). Wasp Anchorpoint is the bollard, mooring line and bow of a tugboat named Wasp. I don’t think there’s any solarization involved as all the colours are in the original.

  • Nancee Rostad says:

    What a fabulous group of images, everyone! Now that Thanksgiving is behind us I can spend even more time exploring each one. Kudos to all who participated!

  • >