#1292. The Chosen Ones of May 23

By pascaljappy | Art & Creativity

Jun 09

You sent them in individually, here they are together!

Thank you to all the participants of this month’s gathering of the photos we made and like the best, in all of May. Entries are presented in alphabetical order, with the text some of you have supplied.

Lining up all your photographs, and reading your kind messages, I feel humbled. It’s both satisfying and a responsibility to realize the blog has taken up a bit of space in people’s lives. Sometimes, I just write to get stuff off my chest, without thinking enough about the person reading. So I hope those photos without too many of my words, those images from throughout the world (Australia, US, UK, Europe, Asia, wonderful South Africa, and more), from people sharing common values and willing to open up, appeal to you.

Enjoy 🙂

Deigh Bates


Mer Chant


Four images, a mix of subjects and processing.  These definitely lean into the ‘photography as an experience’ that you wrote about, especially the sea foam. 

80 km gusts, harsh light, foam flying everywhere and waves funnelling along the North Mole made this a fun time, but tricky for photos and camera survival.  As is often the case when enjoying something, it eventually gets pushed too far and in this case I got soaked by a swell that hit the mole and peaked into a wave.  I got a photo just before it hit me, camera at eye level and the wave not much lower.  Total drenching, but if the camera fails, I at least have a photo of the accident.  Immediately after, when I turned to check on my daughter, she was running up the beach like a smart person.  She saw the wave coming and legged it.  Apparently, she yelled a warning, but I was in viewfinder mode and didn’t hear it.


Dave Harrington

Some scenes  from Boston, where I live and like to wander with  a camera.  I generally like to convert to black and white but two worked better in color.  No signed releases necessary in Boston

Skate park: Boston converted an old industrial space near the harbor to a multi-use park; the skate board community gave it back some of its grittiness.
Uphams corner mural: The angle of view in the photo was constrained by the setting: an alley between two buildings.
Atrium cafe at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. I make photos here occasionally, and one day perhaps I will make an image that reflects how interesting the space is.

Pascal Jappy


Well look at that. Overcooked B&W pics from me? That has to come as a surprise to those who know me 😉

Rain, which has been more present in recent weeks – after almost two years of absence – has become an important photographic subject for me. It’s funny how we ignore the essentials when they are plentiful, but shortages make us much more receptive.

Then, two photos of an arum, trying different compositions as an exercise, and trying to get the flower to look like mother of pearl. I so love post processing 🙂


Robert Kruger

Bird of Paradise Seed
Hellebore seed Pod
Tiger Moth

I have been exploring the beauty of small things lately, all taken using focus-stacking techniques and macro lenses. Here are three of my May examples.


David Mantripp


Attached is a single photo, quite random, unplanned, complete atypical and taken in late May.


Pascal Ollier


A day at the races (Spa classics 2023)


Peter Oosthuizen


A pretty ordinary month as I tried to tackle my least successful genre – landscapes!

It’s been cold (for Knysna) and miserably wet but I got away to the Karoo for a couple of days while Ingrid was on an art workshop.

Some images from Prince Albert and the Swartberg.


Claus Oszuszky

Here there are 5 pictures: “Living in Vienna, I wanted to take advantage of the perfect spring weather and went on a small trip to the mountains located nearby. I grabbed my Sony A7 and a vintage macro lens (Zuiko OM 50mm/f3.5) in order to take some photos of the first blooming spring flowers. But the first thing I found there was this beautiful red beatle.” I hope, the audience will like the pictures, and I am also curious about the selections of the other members.


Paul Perton

These came from Bletchley Park. First image from a car club outing.


Lad Sessions

Here are five May images from back home in the Appalachian woods


Dallas Thomas

The B&W were taken around Sydney Uni and the other at home.


Ian Varkevisser


Kristian Wannebo

Here 5 experiments in geometry to choose from,  4 macros (15 x 15-20 mm) plus a Sunny platform. All are SOOC RX100 VI, though the platform photo was cropped.

(The macros were taken handheld with a Raynox of 8 dioptres added; lack of sharpness probably because of camera distance shift between focus lock and exposure – as autofocus snapped easily.)

Bark & twig
What is that???
Old oak leaf
Old pine needles
Sunny platfom

John Wilson

About 140 miles (230km) north east of where I live is an area called Kane Valley, a favourite place to shoot snowscapes. The last trip was pretty much a bust except for one small location that yielded the two images below – and a few others; but these two are my favourites.


A couple of months ago I saw some Altered Reality images done with an app called Circular Studio (CC). Well … what can I say. It’s cheap ($24), a bit crude and clunky, but does some interesting things if you have the patience to play with it. It sent me trolling through my archives to see what CC could do with some of the old trash. These are from a series titled Infinity’s Pathfinders. There are currently 15 images in the series and still growing and spawned a smaller spinoff series titled “The Question”. I’ll publish a gallery of the best ones later in the year. Oh yes, and CC is Mac only … PC users need not apply.

Infinity’s Pathfinders – Threading The Needle
Infinity’s Pathfinders – Heading For The Light
Infinity’s Pathfinders – Almost Home

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  • Pascal Ollier says:

    Great idea, Pascal, thank you! And what a selection! Awesome!
    Sheer pleasure, pure enjoyment.
    Again, many thanks for enabling this, such a great, diverse offering.

  • Ian Varkevisser says:

    Hi Pascal,

    I have to take you too TASK !!!!!

    “So I hope those photos without too many of my words, those images from throughout the world (Australia, US, UK, Europe, Asia), from people sharing common values and willing to open up, appeal to you”

    Just because I give you the gears from time to time no need to be dismissive and discriminatory 😉

  • Ian Varkevisser says:

    Hi John ,

    I see you channeling your inner Michael Kenna there , neat.

  • Ian Varkevisser says:

    Complaints with the management aside 🙂 – A wonderful eclectic mix of interesting images.

  • Dave Harrington says:

    Thanks for assembling these images, Pascal — an intriguing collection. Because of the context, I looked at these images more closely and learned more from them than I would have on a standard photo sharing site. I look forward to more posts like this in the future if you have the bandwidth for it!

  • Philberphoto says:

    Just brilliant!!! To all of you, kudos! And most of all to Pascal J., the Master of this great Photo House.

  • Dallas says:

    Great work from all, congrats, thanks pascal as always.

  • Mer says:


    Thanks for this. Good incentive and a great mix of images – variety is the spice and all that.

    Nice to have a place to view photos without being force-fed a pile of irritating video clickbait.


    • pascaljappy says:

      My pleasure, Mer. I’m glad you find the result pleasing. Thank you for sharing your photographs. Cheers.

      • Mer says:

        I’d appreciate feedback on colour and brightness – do they seem a bit out of whack? Obviously, you can’t know my intent, but it’s hard to be sure if my monitor is in the ballpark or needs adjusting. Regards content, critique welcome, though it’s obvious from the range of images that there’s no ‘one size fits all’.


        • pascaljappy says:

          Hi Mer, they look fine to me. The photo of the seal looks very natural. The night scene is more difficult to judge, of course, but it seems perfectly judged to me. The same goes for the first image, which is full of atmosphere. Some might have made the foam image brighter, but that would have lost a bit of detail in the foam, making it less “menacing”. To my eyes, it’s as it should be? Hope this helps. Cheers

  • Kristian Wannebo says:

    I’ve viewed these photos a few times,
    and I’m still coming back to them.

    It’s rare to have within reach such a wide collection where there’s no temptation to hurry past any!

    Sometime into the next month I’ll be looking forward to the next…
    Great idea Pascal!

    And thank you all for sharing!

    • pascaljappy says:

      Thank you, Kristian. So glad you enjoyed the result.
      I too love to see so many different expressions of a love for photography. When you see something like that, gear considerations fade away into insignificance 🙂

  • jean pierre (pete) guaron says:

    Quite divorced from photography – I loved the shot of the rhododendron – despite the fact Perth, where I live, is classified as sub-tropical and WAY too hot for these plants, I managed to grow several quite enormous specimens of them in my previous garden. Unfortunately the people who bought the place didn’t share my passion for gardening and stripped all the “specimen plants’ like that, from one end of the property to the other. Seems a lawn is somehow more interesting than anything higher than 2 centimetres, for some people. Only saw what they’d done once – left, thinking they were simply vandals.

  • John Wilson says:

    What an absolute treat and delightful homecoming!!! I just got home from a 10 day trip upcountry to find this in my mailbox. Kudos and flowers to all for a delightfully eclectic selection of images and many, many thank you’s to Pascal for organizing the post.

    • pascaljappy says:

      Thanks John. I have been coming back to your “crossroads” image over and over again. Not that the others demerit in any way, but this one just seems even more beautiful than the others. Threading the needs reminds me of warping space-time, as described and represented in science fiction. What an idea, slow peaceful travel in a balloon that uses wormholes to bridge large distances 🙂

      • John Wilson says:

        Merci mon ami. I confess, I’m very pleased with “Crossroads”. And yes the whole idea of “infinity’s Pathfinders” was the whimsical, ironic and anacronistic idea of using a balloons for space travel. But then, by now, you’re used to my bursts of insanity.

  • Nancee Rostad says:

    Wow, everyone! Creativity reigns with DS contributors! Thanks for sharing!

  • Ocean says:

    Nice photos

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