#1205. Le Cello d’Ingres

By Ian Varkevisser | Art & Creativity

Jun 01

Man Ray’s famous photo, ‘Le Violon d’Ingres,’ sells at auction for a record-setting $12.4 million.

I noticed with interest this week link in Pascals post and thought if only forgers could get away with 1/10 th of that.

How so you might ask. I will keep this short and 'cheeky'

I have two very delightful god daughters but only one is the subject of this blog.
The younger of the two is a music major and studied cello as a second instrument.
To celebrate her music and the cello she has two f-holes tattooed on her back. 

A few years ago I broached the concept of doing a Man Ray homage shoot with her.
Being the free spirit she is she was delighted to sit for the portrait shoot.

So unlike Kiki no photoshop required 

NFT's  anyone ?
Please support a struggling photographer.


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  • Pascal O. says:

    Well, this does come as a surprise, and a spectacular one at that, Ian! Or should I say, a Ray (!) of sunlight from South Africa.
    Thank you!
    This made me think whether, being consumed with photography, I should have a camera tattooed on my back, but at this time, I am still wondering about it ;-).
    Thanks again for yet another special post of art.

  • jean pierre (pete) guaron says:

    Stunning Photo. Highly original, highly imaginative.

    Quite extraordinary. Noise is obvious in the image. And yet, despit what the pundits keep telling you about “digi noise”, here it makes a valuable contribution to the image. Hmm – bigotry bites the dust – again!

    • Ian Varkevisser says:

      Thanks Pete,
      The digi noise was purposely added to give it that much debated ‘authentic look’ and the image was softened – both so that it did not look like it had been taken with a modern sterile lens and camera. Love it or hate who cares it is my homage. The cover image was taken with that ‘gimmick’ lensbaby lens too just to annoy the critics.

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