#1193. Dites le avec des fleurs ! Flowers galore!

By Pascal Ollier | Travel Photography

Apr 20

The French have an expression which says “tell it with flowers!”. After a number of posts of mutiple scenic locations, I thought the timing was right to display a few pictures of flowers as a way to put an end to the grim times of the ‘rona, the dark times of winter and celebrate spring.

Yes, it’s me, and the others are blurred because they don’t look as good as I do!

To that purpose, I jumped in the car and decided to go to Keukenhof gardens no less, THE most famous garden in the Netherlands which is open only for a short period of time every year (March 24th to May 15th in 2022).

Flowers galore!

After a drive just short of 3 hours because there was heavy traffic going north, I finally arrived at my destination.

It was already late morning, and there were quite a few people in the queue before me, especially for parking, but things are well organized and I was able to get through in no time.

Tulips are unquestionably a famous Dutch icon, so here you are!

There were many visitors walking through the park but this did not prevent me from enjoying it, and take a few shots without too much trouble.

Quite peaceful in some areas, but not everywhere

Before leaving, I was frought with anguish about what to put in my bag. Should I take my old faithful, Ebay sourced Leica macro lens for instance? Eventually, I kept it simple, just took my usual set, and ended up using my favorite glass, the CV 21.

Yes, indeed, tulips cannot be missed when walking through the park

The park is quite large, with a surface of approximately 32ha (79 acres).

Flowers encore!

If you are a nature fan, this is quite a place. You can also purchase some gardening merchandise, a wide selection is available.

Some flower groups are quite accessible, making photography easy and enjoyable

If you are to go there, I recommend you arrive early.

I clearly understimated the time it would take me to go from Brussels.

To give some sense of direction, it is located some 210km (120 miles) from the latter or 40km (25miles) south west of Amsterdam.

Yes, it’s me again!

The languages I heard during my short visit included Dutch (of course), French, German, and English

Some tulips’ names even cater to the American flavors

One point which is of course quite important , if you can, check the weather before planning your visit so as to ensure it will be at least acceptable or even good, definitely not a given in the area…

Tulips are forever!

I hope that from now on, you will also enjoy what the French want to express by saying “dites le avec des fleurs !”.


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  • Nancee Rostad says:

    Thank you for the beautiful images of spring flowers, Pascal! So cheerful and very effective for putting the ‘rona behind us. Cheers!

  • Pascal Ravach says:

    This brings back strong memories 🙂
    I spent around 2 years in the Netherlands some time in my youth (hem… in fact it started a half-century ago already, yikes!)… Amsterdam, Rotterdam, mostly Walcheren… seing tulips here (unknown in Canada where I live) just gave me one of those strong « flash-backs »… thanks, Pascal 🙂

    • Pascal Ollier says:

      Thank you for your comment, maybe a new business venture, bringing tulips to Canada?? Cheers!

      • Pascal Ravach says:

        Well, I am bad at business… was always my inner contradiction 🙂
        And seing your beautiful pictures is enough to fill my lust 🙂

  • jean pierre (pete) guaron says:

    LOL – I new at once, from the title, when I received Pascal Jappy’s email, that this post was going to be from you, Pascal Ollier!

    Et j’adore ces fleurs!

    As kid, I had polio at age 8 and devoured books, to keep my mind afloat. One of them was the immortal classic “The Black Tulip”!

    A few years later, mum planted a few hyacinths along one side of our tennis court years ago, and within a few years we had a thick bed of them along three sides of the tennis court! Then came fresias.

    I followed with daffodils and narcissus. Narcissus always fascinated me more than daffodils, although they’re the same genus. (Recently my gardener ticked me off for over-planting two garden beds with them last year – so he’s raised all the bulbs he could find and re-planted them this year, in nice large pots, where they can’t overcrowd the rest of the garden)

    In between, one of my more evil friends gave me several opium poppies, which – although not as spectacular as your images, Pascal – gleamed up wickedly, at me, out of the flower bed at our previous home.

    Holland is famous for several things. Bicycles – barges – canals – clogs – windmills – dykes – beer – curious window fronts in darkened streets. And last – but far from least – its bulbs, and the annual auctions.

    Thanks for sharing these glorious images. The other Pascal and I have been corresponding in the background, about macro images – of course macro images of flowers are extremely popular, and both of you have contributed them from time to time. So I shall be interested to read his comments on these fascinating pictures.

    • Pascal Ollier says:

      Dear Pete, Thank you as always for your kind comments. I am indeed pleased you liked my images. Some togs say one should only shoot flowers level and not from above, I thought both “techniques” made some sense here and again am happy that you liked them. Take care! Cheers.

      • jean pierre (pete) guaron says:

        I think creativity starts when you STOP doing whatever everyone tells you that you should do!

        What’s NOT to like in your post! Nobody has EVER given me that many flowers, before!

        • Pascal Ollier says:

          Dear Pete, thank you again for the kindest words. I am indeed pleased to be the first with my little bunch. Take care!

  • Ian Varkevisser says:

    Hi Pascal, an absolute riot of colour and patterns. The second image is my favourite and would make for a stunning Persian carpet pattern.

    • Pascal Ollier says:

      Dear Ian, receiving a comment from you is a privilege, and one that praises colour in view of your own last post leaves me humbled indeed! Thank you!

  • Steve Mallett says:

    Pascal, what a wonderful riot of gorgeous colour and images. In our garden the daffs and narcissi are coming to an end but the tulips are in full gaudy bloom but not in the same league as those in your pics! The tulips in vases on various tables in the house allow for close up viewing as they open up. And I love the soft sound as the petals fall to the table with a gentle thud when they decide display time is over. As you point out tulips are a colourful antidote to winter blues. Now all I need is the sound of the cuckoo to banish the winter entirely.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Pascal Ollier says:

      Dear Steve, thank you for the kind words, how pleased can I be when I read that this humble set of pictures is an antidote? As far as the sound of tulips is concerned, I am afraid we are still let down by technology, internet being able to satisfy our eyesight but not simultaneously our hearing in DearSusan. Something to work on perhaps.
      Finally, and regretfully but to the benefit of all readers, I shall categorically refuse to try and replicate the sound of the cuckoo, my singing abilities being what they are would without a single doubt take us back to that winter I precisely attempted to indeed banish with this post ;-).
      Cheers and thanks again!

      • jean pierre (pete) guaron says:

        SNAP! – my last choral performance was when I was in my 40s – nearly half a life time ago! These days, I think it’s better if I listen to someone else singing! While I get on, doing something I still CAN do.

  • Dallas says:

    Hi Pascal, another delightful set of images, congrats .Take care Dallas

    • Pascal Ollier says:

      Thank you dear Dallas, as always very much appreciated. Take care as well! Cheers!

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