#1163. Expect the Unexpected

By Pete Guaron | Opinion

Jan 11

(That’s Garfield’s motto. It’s OK – we share! And I bet none of you expected this, after the two posts on tree bark that Lad and I just gave you!)

I regularly visit a friend of mine in the next street every afternoon. And this particular day was no different. My pup [? – she’s no “pup”! – she’s a 10-year old Dobermann!] and I were returning home, to prepare dinner. And as I neared our street, I suddenly realised there were two cop cars on the corner, outside a restaurant. I started wondering what on earth could have happened in there. But when I reached the corner, this is what I was confronted with. The entire street, from one corner to the next, was filled with fire engines, cranes, an ambulance, and police cars blocking it off at both ends.

Went home, put my dog inside the house, and grabbed my camera. Here’s a selection of the resulting photographs.

By now, I had discovered that they’d been having a barbecue on the balcony of one of the apartments in the new building over the road, when the gas bottle on the barbecue simply exploded – burst into flames.

After which, as you can see, all hell broke loose in the street. By the time I turned up, it was pretty well all over – and STILL had all this stuff there!

The building above the fire engine, on the left, is the “offending” one.
Closer to the action – a bewildered local looks on.
From my balcony – looking across the street to their building.
Two “firies” (firemen) on the balcony where the fire erupted.
Starting to clean up
This was pretty well “it”. Except for getting back into their vehicles and moving off.


Don’t “pretend” knowledge you haven’t got. If you don’t know how to cook, leave it to someone else who does. Otherwise, you might just burn more than your steak!


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  • Lad Sessions says:

    Pete, These are wonderful! The colors are appropriately garish for a fire scene, but I think I like the b&w even more. Thanks for this glimpse into your world.

    • jean pierre (pete) guaron says:

      Thanks Lad – still trying to extricate myself from the world of tree bark – we stood staring at a paperbark/melaleuca around the corner, this afternoon – the dog for whatever reason, and me absolutely entranced by detail in some part of the bark on the tree. It needs a macro shot, and that requires the tripod. And the dog will have hysterics at being ignored. How did a rake like me end up with two women in the house?

  • Sean says:

    Ha ha, cleve post Pete. So a joke posed as a question is in order. Q: Why should you never BBQ on ones balcony? A: The steaks are too high. 🙂

    • jean pierre (pete) guaron says:

      ROTFL – good one – thanks Sean!

    • PaulB says:

      I see your steak and braise you with. . .

      . . . If you can’t stand the heat. Stay out of the Kit. . . errr . . Off of the balcony.

      Okay! You win!

  • I was out shooting birds in a local park when I heard something thump and roar. I looked up in time to see a car spiraling and flipping through the air about 75 yards away. It landed on its side and slowly rolled over onto its wheels. A man got out and some onlookers rushed to help. He turned around and opened the passenger side door and folded the front seat forward. A little six year old girl was on the floor between the front and back seats. He helped her out of the car and then he took off running for the woods. I had recovered from my surprise and was taking pictures with my 80-400 lens. I managed to get a couple of good photos of him before he disappeared. It turned out that he had been fleeing the police and turned on the wrong road into the park. It was a dead end road blocked by large boulders and he was trying to turn when he hit the boulders. Thus the flip and spin at the same time. Anyway, when the police arrived to take care of the little girl I showed them the pictures I had made. They gave him time to cool off and took the little girl home and arrested the man. Miraculously, neither the little girl nor the man were injured. I had to appear in court but the man pleaded guilty and I was not called to testify. Expect the unexpected.

    • jean pierre (pete) guaron says:

      You’re brave! When you testify against thugs like that, theres a fair chance they (or their buddies) will track you down and pay you back!

  • PaulB says:

    It appears someone was a bit mechanically challenged and had issues hooking up the propane tank properly.

    • jean pierre (pete) guaron says:

      I think it’s the guy who has a HUGE “ute”, with the name of his business emblazoned all over it, who cannot park his in the private parking area in that building. But instead, he parks it all over the place in the street. To the annoyance of business owners, who depend on the available parking spaces for their customers. And worse – there’s a single loading bay for commercial vehicles dropping off stuff to local businesses, but he seems to think it’s his, because it’s in front of that building – so he parks there all day and all night, whenever he can.

      If I’m right, it’s not the least bit surprising that he blew up the gas barbecue as well.

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