#1137. Open Letter

By Bob Kruger | News

Sep 06

I only became aware of the Dear Susan community a few years ago. With interest I followed, then timidly I posted a few photos, then I submitted a few articles. The response has been nothing but positive. I don’t know how Pascal Jappy has nurtured this experience, but his vision has provided nothing but encouragement to those , like me, who know little but aspire to know more. For this I thank him and all the Dear Susan correspondents who have made my experience grand. To all of you I offer these morning delicacies – one of my “soon-to-be-famous” cappuccinos and a homemade croissant courtesy of my wife. (Sorry, Pascal, no B&W).




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  • Pascal Ravach says:

    Thanks for your warm words, Bob.
    As a coffee lover *and* a croissant lover, I believe strongly in all the “little things”… we are blessed to be able to treat ourselves with them, regardless of what suffering Life can sometimes bring to us.
    Looking forward to your next posts 🙂

  • jean pierre (pete) guaron says:

    Croissants and cappuccino speak to my soul !!!!!!

    I have a friend who’s wife is/was italian, and she is horrified. She tells me that in Italy there are “rules” – dictating when you are allowed to drink which version of “coffee”. She is openly appalled by my recalcitrant behaviour and the fact I am only happy with coffee if it is cappuccino – at ANY hour of the day – and refuse to take part ini her rituals, or to drink other versions like “ristretto” etc because of something I’m being told by a machine on the wall that waves its hands at the world, to attract attention.

    And – sigh! – croissants are the petit dejeuner of the angels!

    So – where are they all?

  • Nancee Rostad says:

    Thanks for being a part of and a contributor to DearSusan, Bob!
    Pascal has created a wonderful place for us to share our photographic endeavors, and I applaud him for that. There aren’t many places to post one’s photos online without risking negative and snarky comments, but DearSusan is one of the best!

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