#1074. Four Picture Forest

By Ian Varkevisser | Art & Creativity

Dec 28








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  • philberphoto says:

    Whew! When less is more….. Kudos!!!

  • John Wilson says:

    I’m speechless!

    • Ian Varkevisser says:

      Hi John, for my benefit , and possibly others , i am wondering are words really superfluous ? what is it that you see in this set of images ?

  • jean pierre (pete) guaron says:

    The heart was superfluous, Ian – I spent many happy hours of my youth in pine forests like this, with a schoolfriend of mine whose father was the manager of the state forests in the area and who later went on to a position as manager of a large publicly owned forestry company.

    Happy memories of a time long gone.

    His uncle was an amazing man – he had been headmaster of a leading school in Singapore (one of those “posh” schools styled on the Westminster School, in London) – he came back to Australia in the late 1950s, and I asked him to act as the celebrant at the funeral services of my father (in 1960) and my brother (in 1968). A wonderful wonderful man, and such a model of the true christian faith that he was probably capable of converting complete atheists.

    Let’s compare notes – when you first enter these forests, there is a silence – then you realise your footprints are muffled on the pine needles carpeting the floor of the forest – and you’re surrounded in all directions by the geometry of the plantation. Then the fresh cleanness of the air – the pines do something to the atmosphere – everything is still . . .

  • Lad Sessions says:

    Ian, These are luminous, particularly the first! Very nice use of light, and the compositions are perfect. (I don’t know what to make of #4.) I think natural forests are preferable, but you’ve given me new reason to enter a plantation with open eyes. Many thanks! Lad

  • Dallas says:

    You are so right, spectacular well done.

  • Claude Hurlbert says:

    Ian, these photos are beautiful! Texture, light and composition–all working and creating feelings of presence and intimacy–and reminding us that the world stands, a place for thought, appreciation–life. The first two immediately and particularly engaged me with these feelings, and also with memories of forests from my own experience. The reds of 3 and 4 suggest a concurrence for more thought. Thanks for sharing these. Claude

  • Sean says:

    Hi Ian,
    True, words are not needed, at times, are they, as you’ve established above. In a sense, your piece resonates with Elliott Erwitt’s advisory “… The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things…” in conjunction with what Gilles Peress had said “… I don’t trust words. I trust pictures…”. These images of yours, they effectively feel, touch, and remain in one’s mind eye – no words needed.

    • Ian Varkevisser says:

      Hi Sean, I am not sure i deserve to be placed in the same esteemed company as Erwitt and Peress, but i will take it , thank you

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