#1019. The Brompton diaries

By Paul Perton | Art & Creativity

Jun 27

Looking back on my recent lockdown article, I realise now that it was really only half of what is evolving into a much bigger and for me, significant project. The images and textures in that post all demonstrate the evidence of man’s presence and the impact he has made.

The images I posted were in the main, abstract with no perceptible link to any specific time, or place.

This second collection is much more specific. Every photograph is unique to the place it was taken, many displaying a definite statement of time – a new padlock, or a poster for a recent show, or gig. Every one was shot while cycling the streets of the City and eastern streets of London – hence the title: The Brompton diaries.

  • Dallas says:

    Great post Paul love it.

  • JohnW says:

    Someday, this pandemic madness will have passed and I’ll be able to hop a flight across the pond and roam the streets of Brompton. Oooohhhh … the possibilities.

    Thanks for sharing Paul.

    • Paul Perton says:

      Hi John. Brompton is a suburb in London – it’s next to West Kensington and where the great (Science, Natural History etc.) museums are. It’s also one of these – I ride this 2/3 days a week looking for photographic opportunities – hence the Brompton Diaries!

      Brompton - folded up

  • jean pierre (pete) guaron says:

    At last! – a bicycle joins the feast! 🙂

    Am I to understand that those photos are SOOC? If yea, then you are either on tripod, or you have a much better eye than I have. These days, I find myself feeding practically all of my shots through DxO’s ViewPoint software, to straighten things up.

    While the colours and the urban decay lend a certain sameness to these images, they also create an archive of the area. Pascal said in one post that we always travel afield to capture our images – never where we live, always somewhere else. Since I always choose to do things I’m told I can’t, I promptly roamed around the district surrounding my house, took hundreds of photos, at all sorts of different times of the day. These shots here are nothing like those phots – there’s a sadness to the images, and it’s hard to believe they are taken near the Science Museum. I guess gentrification will hit soon, prices will skyrocket, and these places will all come tumbling down.

  • Lad Sessions says:

    Paul, I love your images, especially the doors! But I think that despite references to particular places (and times!), references that will mean much to those acquainted with the particulars, these images work very well as abstract compositions of line and color. The actual world can be viewed as a possible one, and in many cases doesn’t suffer thereby. Many thanks. Lad

  • Jack T says:

    Really like these images. Reflect accurately the way I feel about our lockdown. Thanks

  • Nancee Rostad says:

    Thanks for sharing more gritty yumminess with us! I especially like #4, the window with the blue & white within the frames. The Brompton area must be brimming over with photo possibilities – what a treasure to mine!
    I’d love to join you some day

  • jean pierre (pete) guaron says:

    An afterthought, Paul – it’s rather generous of all the graffiti artists to go to the trouble of painting all these places – it must save the owners heaps, in painting costs, having someone else do it for them!

    • Paul Perton says:

      It surely does Pete. You then just have to live with the mindless daubings of thousands of untalented artists. They’d destroyed Sydney when I was last there and many other great cities besides. Low cost building maintenance or daub-free? I know which I’d choose.

      • jean pierre (pete) guaron says:

        We seem to have a complete idiot moving in across the street. Just over three years ago, he started to build on the former dry cleaners’ site. It was supposed to be a yippee-you beaut new rapid construction method. It still isn’t finished. God knows when it will be.

        But in the meantime he’s decided to paint practically everything black. Black walls, black ceilings – even the sliding glass doors, which were installed with aluminium frames, have been daubed with black paint. Your daubs are nowhere near as hideous as this is. I suspect he’s going to start a funeral parlour there, after he moves in.

        Of course in this climate that’s completely nuts. From around just before 10AM till around 5PM, every day, right through summer, all that black will act as a heat sink. Unless he has a VERY powerful air conditioning plant, the heat inside will be unbearable. And if he does, the electricity bills will be unbearable, instead.

        And to cap it all off, he hasn’t waited for the graffiti artists – he found one himself, and paid the guy to put a woefully bad painting of a guy on a ‘board in a tube – because we’re so close to the sea and he wanted something marine, like.

        Meanwhile, the chinese could have built two 30-storey buildings and commissioned them, in less time than that. The pyramids probably got built faster!

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