#991. What else do I look for when travelling?

By Dallas Thomas | Travel Photography

Apr 14

Street Art is the answer.

What is Street Art?

Wikipedia – “Street art is unofficial and independent visual art created in public locations for public visibility. Street art is associated with the terms “independent art”, “post-graffiti”, “neo-graffiti”, and guerrilla art,[1][2][3] but is not public art. Common forms and media for street art include spray paint graffiti, stencil graffiti, wheatpasted poster art, sticker art, street installations, and sculpture. Video projection and yarn bombing have also gained some popularity near the turn of the 21st century. When street art is applied to walls or barriers, it can generally also be called a ‘mural’

Yes, I have visited small towns and rural area that are devoid of Street Art but larger ones are a treasure trove for the flâneur.

These images are from Dunedin NZ taken just before we had to return to Sydney post haste, before C 19 took hold. I plan to show case other places in the future.

Dunedin is a great place to spend sometime in a relaxed and friendly place with plenty of things to see and do. If you’re interested click to view some other images. The local Tourist Information Centre even provides map where to find the street art.

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  • philberphoto says:

    Haha! A DT picture is worth (more than) a thousand words! Splendid pictures from an Anne-expected source. That definitely makes Dunedin an Anne-destination! Congrats and kudos!

  • jean pierre guaron says:

    So many people shudder and hurry past. Some stop and stare. Anne goes even further, and creates a photographic record of them.

    We are now subject to having one of the ugliest buildings I’ve ever set eyes on, diagonally (fortunately!) across the road from us. The owner is so proud of it – and of himself – and of the mural/ street art he has had plastered on the wall furthest from us (and out of sight from us – thankfully!) Like the entire edifice, it seems half finished, and nothing to be so proud of. When compared with your selection, Dallas – or should I call you “Anne”? – DEFINITELY nothing to be so proud of. There are other samples of street art in our street that shame this attempt. And yours SOAR above it.

    I particularly like “TWITTER TWAT” – I particularly DON’T like the twat it is sending up – after seemingly constant exposure to him and his shortcomings since 2015, I finally formed the view that he is the most ignorant and obnoxious man I know of, around 9 months ago, when he had the opportunity to say at least one nice thing about himself, and proceeded to do the exact opposite – on FoxNews, at 6:30pm, in front of a world wide audience. Disgustiing excuse for a human being. And God help the United States through this COVID-19 pandemic – because he certainly won’t be!

    Dunedin seems to be a particularly enlightened city, gauging it by the quality and themes of these samples of its street art. Of course, Dallas, we will refrain from telling Ozzie jokes about the sheep paintings and sculptures, to the other members of DS – some Ozzie humour steps over the boundary! 🙂

    • Now now Pete not sheep jokes please as we cannot explain them in this Blog. Thanks for your comments. I do agree some peoples idea of excellent buildings do sit well with me at tines, but it takes all types.

    • Nancee Rostad says:

      I’m in total agreement with your assessment of the idiot in the WH – he truly is a disgusting excuse for a human being! This ignorant and obnoxious “man” has now proclaimed that he has absolute power to decide when the lockdown is over. He doesn’t have that power – he’s not a king! The three states on the west coast (including Washington – my state) have formed a pact to make decisions about the Covid-19 response. Trump won’t have a say in it, which will drive him crazy.

      • jean pierre guaron says:

        Nancee, I am at the point of pitying America, and Americans. None of you deserves that man. For him to dare to suggest that his inaction on COVID-19 was all President Obama’s fault typifies how stupid and revolting he is. COVID-19 didn’t even exist until 3 years after Trumps election, so if anyone “did nothing” it could only be Trump.
        I was just asked to sign a petition for Congress to block Trump’s attempts to dismiss Dr Fauci. My “comment” as I signed was quite simple – the guy on the left of the photo they illustrated their request for signatures was asleep, the guy with spectacles, on the right, was wide awake and talking. Keep the guy on the right (Fauci), and dismiss the other one (Trump)!

      • Alan says:

        Ironic, isn’t it… the role of a constitutional monarch is, if need be, to explain the limits of power to their current head of government and dismiss them if necessary. The US needs a king or queen and all it has is a compromised supreme court and a bunch of corrupt, lickspittle senators. I hope the agony ends peacefully. For all of us.

        • Sean says:

          Hi Alan,
          Given that the US can’t have a king nor queen, in a castle, isn’t that the reason why it has Disney Land?

  • Alan says:

    Nice! My first thought was Dunedin, Florida, but the sheep gave it away. I also make sure to record ‘street art’ and even plain old ugly graffiti when I see it. Interestingly, and a bit ridiculously IMHO, it’s protected by copyright. According to a Toronto photographer who specializes in it, a book of his work would not be possible.

    • pascaljappy says:

      So it’s OK for them to paint on someone’s home but not OK to photograph their paintings? Don’t you just love it when people act all “do as I say, not as I do” ?

      • Alan says:

        We were in Paris several years ago and wanted to visit a building occupied by a bunch of left wing squatters and known for its artwork. We were turned away at the door. Closed, they said. By invitation only. I shouldn’t use the word ‘ironic’ twice in a row but here goes: very ironic!

    • wow I was not aware of this.

  • Nancee Rostad says:

    Nice street art finds, Dallas! If I ever get to NZ, Dunedin will be on my “must see” list.

  • Lad Sessions says:

    Dallas, These are interesting pieces, and well-photographed. We spent six months almost two decades ago in Dunedin and froze..our toes, I’ll say. It was a “villa” without central heat, and the months started out well (January) but descended into near-winter. Still good memories of a lovely city and surrounding country, not to mention wonderful people. But I don’t remember seeing wall murals of this quality; perhaps they are recent? Thanks for rekindling memories, as well as showing us what you can find on the streets.

  • Sean says:

    Terrific images,
    The ones that characterise ‘The Carnival Barker’ man-child as ‘Hammer & Pickle’ and ‘Bully Culprit’, and ‘Twitter Twat’ do get the message across. The only ones missing were of Marie Antoinette Barby and Fully Useless Ken, the daughter and son-in-law..

  • >